Unity Consciousness is the understanding that at the core of everything in the infinite diversity of existence there is oneness and singularity. There is a unified, collective, self-organizing, and intelligent field of consciousness that everything originates from and is continually being birthed from. We are expressions in this unity consciousness and play a vital role it it exploring its potential.

The Great Question at the Core of Your Life

Have you ever faced a difficult situation in life and wondered “What is the purpose of this?, or How did I attract this?”  Maybe even with a few exclamation points and/or expletives…? Sometimes these experiences can really test our confidence in beliefs we thought we truly trusted. This may even be a good thing, an …

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what is happening with the world today?

WHAT IS HAPPENING WITH THE WORLD TODAY? What if there is another perspective, another way of seeing the apparent madness occurring in the world? The truth is, there are many perspectives, even positive ones… If you want to feel inspired, rather than defeated about our current global and personal situation unfolding, watch this video by …

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