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Cafe Namaste is a place for those looking for better solutions to Health, Vitality, Connection, and Empowerment. We are dedicated to providing the space for truth seekers to discover and discuss powerful ideas and effective solutions to the most important issues we all face both individually and collectively.

Ingenuity, discovery, and creativity come from seeing things in a different light, or using a different model all together. This is how true leaps in consciousness are made. True science is a field of inquiry, discovery, and wonderment, not cynicism and trying to make something fit into an old belief system and immediately rejecting what doesn’t.

As you consider new ideas or ways of looking at reality, realize that part of your mind is designed to protect what it already knows as true. While appearing to help filter out the ridiculous, and to make learning more efficient, it can also severely limit possibility and expanded awareness.

As sane as you think you are and your perspective is, there are many others who would disagree and label you the same as you do them. The question becomes, what perspectives better serve us, our community, and all of humanity and it’s intimate connection to all that is?

At CafeNamaste.com our vision and purpose is to help you become more awake and aware of your ability to choose, so that together we can create a healthier and more vital global community.

Get important information and inspiring perspectives on how we can live a more fulfilling life, ultimately healing ourselves and the planet. We merge ancient wisdom with cutting-edge science to provide an opening into a new paradigm of health, freedom, and vitality.





The standouts of top visionaries, amazing individuals providing empowering solutions to life’s most important questions.



Quick inspirational images and quotes to help you refocus your mind and open a portal to deeper wisdom.



Powerful Videos and Movies to Expand Your Mind and Awareness. Explorations of different versions of our origin, history, and potentials of future destiny.



Insights and Resources about effective alternative therapies and health practices to feel, think, and be your vital best.





SCIENCE MEETS SPIRIT                       how we create reality

Fascinating Discoveries of Where Science and Spirit Merge. Insights that provide a more empowering belief system in which to understand the world and reality.

To Gain the Most From Your Time

Be in the mindset of being entertained by (open to) new ideas and information. See what resonates with you, what may not, and then ask yourself why? Try to keep an open mind, realizing that discovery only happens when one can let go of tightly held beliefs and try on a new perspective. We encourage healthy skepticism, but try to be aware of whether it’s being discerning (beneficial), or just being cynical (non-growth). If your current paradigm works for you, then that’s great. If you still have questions, be willing to explore other ideas, even if just for a little while.

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Who Am I?

Scott HeltonScott Helton

I’m an impassioned visionary and transformation coach, helping people to live their fullest potential! I share important insights and leading visionaries through my website Café Namasté, and the best health information and products on Vital Vibe Source.

As a purveyor of holistic solutions, I connect ideas, solutions and people in order to create real transformation individually and collectively.




  • Founder and Creator of VitalVibeSource.com, Vital Health News and Products to Help You Thrive!


I’ve lived what many would call an unorthodox life. I’ve experienced many tough life-challenges, but also a multitude of serendipitous and fortunate blessings. Throughout my journey, I’ve developed a  wide range of skills and knowledge, explored and traveled many places, and even lived overseas in a foreign country. This gives me a broad range of experience and expanded perspective on life from which to empathize with and help others.

I’ve also spent my entire lifetime actively studying topics of Alternative Health, Fitness, Metaphysics, Mindfulness, Philosophy, Nutrition, Sustainability, Yoga, Mysticism, Unity, and Spirituality (literally from the age of 12).

I’m passionate about sharing this knowledge, wisdom, and insight with others. It’s always been my deepest felt purpose to help instill a sense of inspiration and self-empowerment in others while serving humanity and the Earth as a whole. It’s my biggest desire that together we can learn to live with optimal health and happiness in harmony with the emerging intelligent Universe.

Thanks for exploring the site, and Welcome to the CafeNamaste Community!



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Disclosure and Disclaimer

Disclosure and Disclaimer: CafeNamaste and VitalVibeSource were created and are dedicated to being of service to humanity, the planet, and all of Consciousness. It’s from this awareness of Oneness that drives our efforts and is our fundamental core value. Everything we do is driven by the desire to be of service to what is good …