What do we mean by transformation?

Whether it be the healing of your body, healing of your mind, your belief systems, your paradigm about how the world and your life function, the quality of your mind and its processes, or creating ultimate health and wellbeing… all of these forms of transformation acknowledge that they are interdependent on the state of all these things.

If you continue with this understanding, you begin to realize that as you transform your nutrition and health, you change your level of thinking and perception. This will transform the story you tell yourself about your experience.  This occurs because for every diet there is a corresponding level of consciousness. You are transforming the environment in which your cells function, and thereby the choice of even which genes get expressed and the production of your new body and brain (every cell in your body is replaced within 2-6 years). You are also changing the way your awareness filters reality and thereby the way you help manifest your reality. It’s an infinite feedback loop.

You are also not isolated in this transformation. As you transform your awareness and way of being, you change the way the Universe or Divine (whatever you choose to call it) perceives itself through you and as you. You are doing your part to heal all of existence through your personal transformation process. Your change affects those you interact with, your friends, families, and those you come in contact with. The ripple effect goes out… You help change families, communities, societies, cultures, global humanity, and all of life in beginning to truly thrive.

At a more metaphysical level, looking at reality as a holo-fractalgraphic universe, you see that as you change your energetic pattern that you emit, how you vibrate (Cymatics), you change the pattern of the whole of existence. Your transformation actually has far-reaching effects beyond our ability to fathom in a way that goes beyond space and even time. After all, it’s really all just happening right Here and in the ever present Now.

This page is a selection of articles and videos on the topics of Transformation.

Remember, we must unlearn what we have learned, because if we continue to believe and behave as we always have, we’ll continue to get what we’ve always gotten. Your beliefs matter. Transformation is possible.

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