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seeingthrough1. The Top 100+ Documentaries to Watch Free and Change Your Life



David Wolfe -Blue2. David Wolfe Smoothie Recipes that are Absolutely Amazing



3. Powerful Videos and Movies to Create Higher Awareness


lunch with panache desai

4. Are You Spiritually Constipated? My Lunch With Panache Desai



science discoveries5. New Scientific Discoveries Creating A Leap In Consciousness





You become what you eat

6. The Messages in Our Food, How are GMOs Informing Our Cells?



Above Radiation

7. How to Protect Yourself From Radiation: The Wisdom of Genius Patrick Flanagan



Catching Up With Regina -Epi28. Regina Meredith from Gaiam TV Shares Her Unique Wisdom on “Catching Up With Regina”




no vaccines

9. Are Vaccines Safe and Should They Be Mandatory?




Heaven on Earth by Marc Adamus 10. Science Explains How Plants Communicate and Help Each Other Thrive





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