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Patrick Flanagan

Patrick Flanagan on H2

Dr. Patrick Flanagan appearing on The History Channel’s H2 network.

On the cover of LIFE magazine at age 17 as a boy genius, Patrick Flanagan may be one of the smartest minds alive today. If you haven’t heard of him, you need to. He’s the level of genius of Nikola Tesla, Viktor Schauberger, or Willhelm Reich. He’s been interviewed by Dr. Mercola, Gabriel Cousins, Deepak Chopra, David Wolfe, Regina Meredith, and many others for being a true pioneer in the fields of Electricity, Magnetism, Biochemistry, Health, and Longevity.


Surviving Mercury and Polio

Surviving a “lethal dose” of mercury poisoning as a child and then shortly after contracting polio from a vaccine, he’s defied the odds and is incredibly still living a rather healthy life now into his 70s.


A Level of Genius Few Can Understand

I’ve heard more than a dozen top health experts refer to him as the smartest guy in the world when it comes to health. He understands the body and mind in ways the average expert isn’t even aware of their ignorance.


A Few of His Breakthrough Inventions to Heal Us

patrick flanagan neurophone

Neurophone NF3

To Make you Smarter

At 13 he invented a device called the neurophone, which utilizes the skull and the saccule outside of the ear by way of sound waves carrying information directly into the subconscious mind. For decades it was held by the Pentagon for their own use, barring Patrick from offering it to the public it until fairly recently. His company led a successful Indiegogo campaign to raise 1.6 million dollars to develop the newest version called the Neo. The neurophone has been proven to be an very powerful tool in behavior modification, mental ability, and performance.


To Amplify Your Energy

patrick flanagan necklace

Patrick Flanagan Sensor V

Another of his amazing inventions is the EMF shielding protection device called the Sensor V. Appearing at first glance to be a rather eye-catching necklace, it is actually much more. It amplifies scalar (aka, torsion, tachyon, telluric) waves to convert harmful, dis-coherent, electro-magnetic and radio frequency waves into more beneficially coherent ones.

Everyone knows we are inundated by all kinds of harmful frequency waves like Wifi, RF, and others. The Sensor V may be the best all-in-one defense, since it generates a measurable protective bio-field to keep the wearer shielded.


More Powerful Health Support Than Vitamin C

patrick flanagan megahydrate


Perhaps what Patrick is most famous for is his creation of a stable form of negative ionized hydrogen. This form of hydrogen is arguably Nature’s most beneficial single molecule for our bodies, and a major electron donor (anti-oxidant). He successfully patented this as Megahydrate, a supplement most health gurus admit is part of their daily regimen, even though it’s not their own product. 


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References and Scientific Papers: For a list of Patrick Flanagan’s published peer-reviewed scientific, and ground breaking research, visit this page.


patrick flanagan and his wife

Patrick Flanagan and his wife at their home near Sedona, AZ



We are sad to report that Dr. Pat Flanagan transitioned from his body on Dec 18, 2019. Having survived heavy mercury poisoning and later polio, he lived much longer than most expected. He had a stroke 2 years ago, and unfortunately his health slowly deteriorated. He was 75.

While his body may be gone, we know that his consciousness lives on. He has been a gift to the world while he was alive, and we want to ensure that his contributions to health and well being live on as well. We will continue to spread his knowledge and make his products available as long as we are able.

Thank you Pat, for all you have given us!