BIOSUPERFOOD – Super Rich in Nutrients



Want more energy and vitality? You may not be getting the nutritional support you need… BIOSUPERFOOD is an excellent source for the nutrition your body is craving.


The BIOSUPERFOOD (BSF) formulas are whole food products composed of four of the most nutrient dense algae found on earth. Designed to be used as a dietary supplement and eliminate the need for individual supplements, giving you much better nutritional support in one supplement. Offers superior nutritional support for the immune system as well as increased vitality for healthy aging. Even ex-olympians swear by BIOSUPERFOOD.


The BIOSUPERFOOD (BSF) formulas are a result of long years of research. Consisting of blends of the best algae among hundreds investigated, these concentrates were developed, tested, proven and have now been used for agricultural and human applications for more than 25 years. The Formulas are whole food dietary supplement products composed of nutrient dense algae. Each formula delivers a different nutritional value. The products are presented in vegetable capsules that are easy to swallow and practical to use.


For general nutritional and immune system support in the maintenance of good health, allowing replacement of some supplements and vitamins. For increased vitality, strength and endurance, also supporting healthy aging.


What is the difference between F1, F2 and F3?

From F1 to F3 there is a greater amount of red algae, which contains more carotenoids (red pigments that give the algae its red color) than the green algae. According to the cancer society, carotenoids are critical for the support of our immune system. They are also known to more efficiently reach our brain where they increase cellular energy and performance.

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Biosuperfood MicroAlgae Benefits:


  • Increase strength and stamina
  • Increase mental focus and clarity
  • Increase cellular energy and performance
  • Support of immune system
  • Support the body in the balance of its natural steroids and hormones
  • Support better mood and a sense of well-being
  • Support athletic performance

Try some for yourself to see what Biosuperfood can do for you!



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