Doctors Are the Third Leading Cause of Death

Did you know that doctors are the 3rd leading cause of death?


If you blindly trust and follow your doctor’s advice, you could potentially fall victim to iatrogenic disease, death by following your doctor’s protocols.

You must always question professional advice, and accept yourself as your ultimate health authority.


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Alternative Health News is Fundamentally Better

According to a report in the Journal of the American Medical Association, doctors are the third leading cause of death and cause over 200,000 deaths per year in the US alone. Keep in mind, this is from one of the medical establishment’s own most respected journals. Especially relevant, is the fact that those patients who died in these cases were following their doctor’s care and prescriptions correctly.

First of all, alternative health news is better because the industry’s very foundational understanding of health is flawed, and therapies are focused primarily on profit. Hence, these critical flaws lead to unnecessary deaths by those blindly following their doctor’s advice.

Alternative Health News in contrast, focuses on experts who understand how everything integrates in very interdependent ways to create overall health and wellness. These alternative sources of health news and services are known as Integrative Medicine, Holistic Medicine, Alternative Health, Functional Medicine, and Alternative Medicine among others.



Look at Your Doctor

The cutting edge of health care right now is really interesting, but with an average lifespan of only 58 years, don’t look to your typical doctor.

Think about your average doctor, are they the epitome of health and well-being? Would you ask a drowning person to show you how to swim?

Instead, many true health advocates say to look at who’s living the longest, healthiest, and most vibrant lives for answers.


Lack of Focus on Nutrition

It’s astounding that most professional doctors receive literally no, or at most only a few hours of education on Nutrition. Nutrition, after all is one, if not the most important factor when it comes to health.

This serious lack in a physician’s training is because the system under which they are educated is designed to primarily prescribe drugs and surgical procedures.

The Western Medical System even mandates, under things like the “Standard of Care” that doctors cannot break the standard protocol for suggested treatment set forth by the regulatory commissions. These commissions are staffed by past and future high level employees of the drug and medical industry, whom unfortunately have often been shown to adhere to the corporations agendas for profit over health of patients.

Detoxification may even be more important, and yet very little attention is given to detoxification by standard doctors.


Always Question Authority, Especially When it Comes to Your Own Health

Many unsuspecting people look to their doctors for advice on health and recommended therapy as if they can make no mistakes. This is a critical error in giving up your own power or authority to someone or something outside of you.

For critical care (physical trauma, emergencies), western medicine is very effective in most cases. For chronic conditions however, or general health and well-being, The American Medical Associations own statistics show that it’s not your best choice.

Obviously, most doctors and medical staff are genuinely trying to help their patients, but consider where they get their information and training. Most of their information comes from schools, journals, and other sources that are funded by pharmaceutical and medical supply companies.

Consider that very little real research is performed outside of the established, multi-trillion dollar system on topics of health and health care. If there isn’t a considerable profit to be made, the study probably won’t get funded.



Look for Answers From Those Whom Are Shining Examples of Health and Well-Being

alternative health newsIn conclusion, If you want to learn more alternative health news, a good start would be to read Dr. Mercola’s excellent book, or more on his informative website,

Many people frequently refer to his site for information on a variety of health topics, dedicated to providing real alternative health news. He has a team of well-researched individuals that can provide you with deeper insights into the culturally accepted, sadly misinformed beliefs of the average citizen, and also awareness of better alternatives.

There are also many, many others that support and offer complimentary advice to take back the responsibility of your health through gaining further knowledge. I encourage you to do some digging! I also offer a few examples below of who I’ve found to be some of the most valuable resources.


Ultimately, the choice is yours!





Here are a few other great, cutting-edge resources to check out about Alternative Health News:


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