Grounding EMF Protection

Grounding EMF Protection

EMF means Electrical Magnetic Field but is mostly used to mean electro-magetic radiation. We are inundated by these fields in the modern world to the proven detriment of our health. They cause inflammation and cellular and perhaps genetic degeneration which cause us to also age faster.

Many of today’s physical and mental health issues can also be at least partially attributed to the build up of positively charged (not beneficial) energy flowing through our bodies and building up of a static charge.

Some of this occurs naturally, but is exacerbated by our being continuously inundated by wifi, radio, and other electrical radiation known as EMFs (electro-magnetic frequencies).

We are naturally designed to be enveloped by the Earth’s negatively charged (beneficial) energy which completes the circuit. The energy is designed to flow through our bodies without building up. However, through our modern lifestyle and rubber/plastic soled shoes, we have cut ourselves off from the Earth’s energy and thus the resulting build-up of positive charged energy causes our cells to prematurely age, and lead to all sorts of health issues.

The best way to ground is to connect your bare feet to the Earth.

These products are some of the more reputable ones that can help you ground emf and reconnect to the Earth when it isn’t possible or otherwise convenient.


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