How to Heal Yourself or Create Anything in Your Life

How to Heal YourselfHow to Heal Yourself or Manifest Your Desires, According to the Experts


By Scott Helton

The core concept that most leading experts say is crucial to quickly manifesting anything in our lives, whether it be  healing, success, love, or an experience, is to feel the feelings as if it has already happened. This is the Key to creating any change.

I’ve studied many, many experts from topics of Health, Relationships, Success, and creating or manifesting anything in our lives. When you get down to the central core message of any of these experts, this is what most all agree is the greatest thing we can do to manifest anything in our lives. It is the Feeling, and “as if it has already happened“, already true, that brings it into our experience.

Science has proven that there is indeed a Field of energy that exists, that connects everything. This understanding is the only theory that can account for all of the recent discoveries that traditional science cannot explain. If you don’t believe it, you can start here. This is a fundamental shift in thinking, and understanding of our world. Many critics cannot accept this because their entire belief system, and sometimes even their careers depend upon a different view (one of separation and competition).

Long ago, wise individuals knew there is a 5th element known as Ether, or Aether. It is also know by many other names. Author and researcher Lynn McTaggart, in her bestselling book describes it simply as The Field. It is a field of energy and information.

It is now known that we communicate with this field primarily with our hearts. Experiments conducted by The Heart-Math Institute have demonstrated that both our heart and our brain communicate with this field that surrounds and connects everything. Our hearts and brains generate their own fields of electro-magnetic energy in order to do this, but what may be surprising to some is that our hearts are actually 100 times more powerful electrically, and up to 5,000 times more powerful magnetically than our brains.

Our consciousness does not reside only in our brain. Our brain is a receiver for our field of consciousness, which connects to an even greater field of Infinite Intelligence. The building blocks of our physical reality (quarks, electrons, leptons, protons) are shown to be responsive to our our thoughts, beliefs, and awareness (which is the focus of our consciousness). For more on this, check out Dr. Fred Allen Wolfe’s (Dr. Quantum) animation on the discoveries of the breakthrough “Double Slit Experiment“, proving that our consciousness affects our world.

This effect is magnified by a group focused on the same thought or belief. McTaggart also has reported in her other bestselling book, The Intention Experiment, that experiments have proven a group of people focused on an intention is exponentially more powerful than a single individual.

Other cultures have known this for some time. A great example is of a woman in China who was healed of cancer in a matter of minutes while it was watched on ultrasound by a small group of practitioners in a medicine-less hospital in Beijing. Gregg Braden shows the video in a lecture he does on this topic of heart-based energetics. He also discusses the scientific study conducted in 1986 by the US Air Force and published in the science journal Nature, in which the Field of Ether was proven to exist.

Gregg’s one of my favorite speakers, and one whom I’ve had the pleasure of personally meeting.

It’s worth your time to watch this short, but valuable video on how to heal yourself. This is just one of many demonstrations on the power of using our intention and unwavering belief to manifest and heal.

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