Krill Oil is Your Best Source of Omega 3 Fats

Your Best Source of Omega 3 is KRILL OIL


Most people are extremely deficient in Omega 3 fats which leads to a variety of health issues. There are 3 Omega 3 fats, DHA, ALA, and EPA.


The animal sourced form of these fats, EPA and DHA, are critical for all kinds of functions in your body to operate effectively, especially heart and brain function.


ALA is the plant based Omega 3, which the body converts to EPA and DHA, but unfortunately not very efficiently. ALA is still beneficial, but not as much as EPA and DHA. DHA is actually the most essential.


Many believe that the rise in heart disease and cognitive issues like dementia and Alzheimer’s could be linked to deficiencies in Omega 3 fats. A higher intake of omega 3 fats can also help prevent and alleviate symptoms of conditions like rheumatoid arthritis.


Why are krill the best source of these important fats?

Krill are invertebrates, much like a shrimp that float in huge swarms in the world’s oceans. They feed on marine phytoplankton (a good alternative if you are allergic to shellfish or vegan), These are the very start of the food chain, and the first stage of organic life produced from the Sun’s energy. They are also very abundant, and one of the main sources of nutrition for many species of whales, the largest mammals on Earth.


According to neurosurgeon Dr. Jack Kruse, there is an important conversion and concentration of fuel for the energy generators (mitochondria) in our cells that happens when the krill consume the phytoplankton that equals greater energy production and health benefits.



Krill are the fuel of giant whales. Image Source:


Better than fish or fish oil

Some people may choose to eat a lot of fish, or supplement with fish oil to supply their Omega 3s, but besides the awful taste, there are other reasons you may want to think twice. Not only is this not a sustainable source and contributing to the over fishing of the Earth’s oceans it doesn’t have near the positive health impact of krill.


Farmed fish are also the equivalent to factory farmed meat, where the animals live in over-crowded, deplorable conditions that contribute to massive disease. This requires use of antibiotics, which shockingly accounts for the highest use of antibiotics in the world. Remember that antibiotics kill off the beneficial bacteria as well leading to weaker immunity and more chance of later disease.


Farmed fish are also generally fed GMO feed (banned in over 30 countries) and synthetic astaxanthin, which leads to many more health issues.


The highest quality krill products will be sourced from the much more pristine waters of the Antarctic. Because they come from this more sheltered location, and since they’re at the bottom of the food chain, they don’t contain the levels of toxic heavy metals like mercury, or nuclear poisons from Fukushima, and other toxins that most fish do. The astaxanthin in krill protects the fats from damage and going rancid. They also contain phospholipids that massively increase the absorption of the fats.


The colder waters of the Antarctic are denser and made up of molecules packed with more electrons. More electrons equals more energy.


Krill oil is also jam-packed with antioxidant power, including the antioxidant vitamins A and E, plus astaxanthin and canthaxanthin. Anti-oxidants protect your body from aging so quickly.


Suggested Dosage:

The amount you need depends largely on your personal health needs. It is suggested that on average, 90 mg of EPA and 50 mg of DHA give you plenty of these super-beneficial nutrients.

Although most fat-soluble vitamins are best absorbed with food, it’s not essential with krill oil.


Krill Oil Benefits:

krill oil

  • One of the greatest sources of important Omega3 fatty acids
  • Better alternative than fish which can be contaminated with mercury, pcbs, heavy metals, and radioactive poisons
  • Supports a health heart
  • Helps maintain blood sugar levels
  • Supports joint health and comfort
  • Supports immune system
  • Supports a healthy mood





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