New Scientific Discoveries Creating A Leap In Consciousness

New Scientific Discoveries Changing Our Ideas About Who We Are


What if you discovered that the “scientific facts” on which you base your understanding of reality aren’t supported by the new evidence?

Think about it, Science is supposed to adopt the new truths when the old ones are proven incorrect, but this has not happened.

In fact, there has been so much dogmatic adherence in the scientific community, that those who dare to contradict the system in which so many financial and reputational investments have been made, find themselves ostracized at the very least.

Science is supposed to be open-minded, with a willingness for discovery and approached with a sense of wonder. It has sadly degenerated in many aspects into a religion of it’s own outdated core dogma.


A true scientist should always be able to ask:

“Can I let go of what I think I know?

What other possibilities are there?

What am I, and are we not aware of that we’re not aware of?”



Time For An Update

It may shock some of us, but many of the beliefs of Science are actually proven incorrect with the new evidence.

For many political, and financial reasons, we are not being told the truth about some of the core beliefs of Science being turned upside down. 



“All truth passes through three stages.

First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident” (obvious).

~Arthur Schopenhauer



Darwin, for example, may have broken us free from the grip of religious dogma, but he may have started the most dangerous idea ever, “Survival of the Strongest [Fittest]”.


How would changing your foundational beliefs about Life, change your own life?

What if that total paradigm shift were crucial for all of Life to thrive?



Cafe Namaste’s Show -The Ripple Effect: Gregg Braden episode

On this Episode of The Ripple Effect, we introduce an amazing man whom Dr. Deepak Chopra calls, “…A rare blend of scientist, visionary, and scholar with the ability to speak to our minds while touching the wisdom of our hearts.”

Dr. Wayne Dyer calls him, “Brilliant and Insightful… One of our great visionaries.”

We’re going to discuss how newly reported scientific discoveries are showing that Darwin and Newton probably had it wrong…

In fact, many of the greatest issues facing us today are a result of the False Outdated Assumptions of Science.

We’ll also reveal a SECRET, Scientifically Proven POWER that resides inside all of us that can change the planet…


Adjust your frequency and join us for

The Ripple Effect!


Most of the Informative Details are in the 2nd 1/2…

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For Those Who Prefer to Read:

Gregg BradenAuthor, Speaker, Visionary

  • New York Times best-selling author, and has numerous books sold in multiple languages in countries throughout the world
  • Internationally renowned as a pioneer in bridging science, ancient wisdom, and the real world
  • He was a computer geologist and systems designer who has worked with companies contracted under NASA and the U.S. Department of Defense.
  • For more than 27 years he’s explored the worlds greatest mystical and mysterious places . He’s extensively studied the ancient spiritual traditions and texts, spent time living with the native cultural people around the world, and learned many of their secrets from their elders.


Gregg Braden is the guy for the skeptics. I’ve never seen anyone so eloquently merge Science with Mysticism, and Ancient Wisdom as Gregg.

I’ve actually had the pleasure of seeing him speak in person, and was fortunate enough to meet him after the lecture. He’s a very genuine and sincere guy, who has a gift for delivering controversial ideas in an non-divisive way.

He shares the scientific facts that are being ignored by major media.

A Hopeful Perspective That Makes Sense

Let’s face it, our ego tends to hold pretty tight to it’s long-held assumptions about how life works and who we are. To be able to confront peoples belief systems in such a tactful way is a rare talent.

Some of what he writes and lectures about can be controversial, yet he is illustrates all of his key points with peer-reviewed evidence to support the ideas he shares.

Braden says that right now Science is showing us that this generation is facing the greatest number of crises that has ever faced one generation in the known history of humanity, and that each one of those crises has the potential to end our species as we know it. We have to totally flip our paradigm to a bigger understanding if we are going to come out of this culmination without destroying ourselves.

He gives us hope though, that we can actually come out better on the other side if we are willing to let go of the old ways and adopt the new understandings that we and our world operate much differently than we’re led to believe.

Remember, there are other philosophies to consider besides just the two often opposing ones of Darwin’s Evolution versus Religion. There are many others to consider.

As Einstein said, we cannot solve the problems of our times from the same level of thinking in which they were created. We must make a leap in consciousness!


The 5 False Assumptions of Science

The 5 False Assumptions of Science


1. The Missing Link is still missing.

missing link

humans appeared suddenly


The truth is we don’t know where we came from.

DNA studies have confirmed that we are not genetically related to the Neanderthal.

The human species appeared suddenly around 200,000 years ago, and has not really evolved physically since. There are many new interesting theories on this topic, Gregg Braden’s work is a great place to start, another is the late Loyd Pye.

Graham Hancock is also exceptionally brilliant on this topic of our true past.

I personally try to be continuously open minded about this subject.






2. Civilization is at least 2 times older than traditionally acknowledged.

We are not at the peak of a linear progression of History. Ice core samples, which are like a historical library of the earth, are confirming what many native traditions have said for thousands of years. We are living at the end of a 5th very long Cycle, and there have been 4 previous World Ages.

There have been several discoveries of sophisticated cultures that existed long before the Sumerians of 5,000 years ago.

For example, in Northern Peru, there is an ongoing excavation of a site known as Caral. It’s a massive 150 acre site with 5 pyramids, large temples and 2 enormous stone circular plazas laid out with extreme precision. We know hardly anything about this mysterious civilization, yet it has been dated now to have ended around 5,000 years ago when History books and the media tells us we were just primitively beginning. In fact, according to three independent laboratory tests, it may be as old as 7,000 years. Mainstream media will likely report different dates, but always consider the vested interests. It is, as of yet, the oldest known site in the Americas, and gave rise to the Mayans and the Incas.


Others sites are:

  • Çatalhöyük, Turkey -7,600 -9,250 years old.


  • The Great Sphinx, Egypt -is now thought to be at least 7,000 to 9,000 years old. Dr. Robert Schoch is a leading geologist and professor who has studied the Sphinx extensively and agrees with this number. Other experts believe it may be as old as 35,000 to 50,000 years old, because of celestial alignments with the Leo constellation, and weathering due to massive water erosion dating it back to at least one prior ice age. These new dates mess up the accepted Historical Timeline so the new information isn’t easily adopted.
  • The Gulf of Khambhat, India -9,500 year old. There is an underwater ruins believed by some to be Lord Krishna’s lost kingdom of Dwarka.
  • Goebekli Tepe pillar, Turkey The oldest known and scientifically accepted site in the world is Goebekli Tepe in Turkey. This site dates back between 11,000 to 12,000 years! Through satellite imaging, we know there are 15-20 large circular temples, only five of which have been excavated. There are monolithic thin T-shaped pillars that are perceived by some to be like tuning forks which vibrate at a specific inaudible frequency. What’s just as amazing is that the whole giant complex was intentionally buried and in-filled around 8,000 years ago, just like the pyramid in Bosnia (we’ll cover that at another time).

According to the Mayans, and interestingly, other ancient cultures as well, every 5,000 years we complete a cycle and then start again. This transition we’re currently living is suppose to birth us into a new Golden Age however. Some ancient cultures believed that the previous four were transformed by the terrestrial elements Earth, Wind, Water, & Fire. This one one will likely be transformed by the 5th long forgotten element, known prior to the 20th Century as Ether, or Aether. Ether is also known as the energy of the vacuum, dark matter, scalar, source energy or field, etc.




3. The Field Influences Us & We Influence The Field

Quantum physics has proven that we do in fact affect matter through our consciousness. Most people know that the moon causes not only the tides in the ocean, but also affects us emotionally and bio-chemically in many ways.

Through EKG and EEG machines, The Institute of HeartMath has proven that our heart is 100 times stronger electrically, and 5,000 times more powerful magnetically than the brain. Interestingly, the heart sends more signals to the brain, than the brain sends to the heart. It’s also been shown that through heart-based emotions, we literally affect the field of the planet.Black-Whole

Quantum Researcher Nassim Haramein, demonstrates in his mind-blowing film, Black Whole how this works. The informational aspect of the atom is fed into it’s toroidal core, which is where the zero-point, pure potential energy known as the Field exists. This process is the same as a black hole, in which information in the form of the visible and invisible spectrum of light is drawn into the center, the core. Through this flow, the manifest world informs the Field, and then the Field of all potential reflects back to us in the outward flow, what we experience as reality.


4. Space Is Not Empty

Our Heart is connected to the field that connects the planet with all living beings.

Space is actually an interconnected, fractal, and holographic plasma field, connecting everything.

Well respected scientist Rupert Sheldrake coined the term “Morphogenic Field.”

International Best-Selling Author and Reporter Lynn McTaggart, titled her famous book on the subject, The Field: The Quest for the Secret Force of the Universe

Beyond this there is also the concept of entanglement which shows that at the core of the atom the proton is actually entangled, connected to every other at some degree.

What we used to think of as empty space is actually an intelligent field of immense energy that connects all things.

So yes,The Force” exists.

In fact George Lucas got his ideas primarily from his friend, the brilliant master of Mythology Joseph Campbell. Cambell had adopted this concept from his life-long study of ancient mythology and cultures from around the world.

We know that the fields influence us, but what Science has just now discovered (even though the mystics, and ancient teachers knew long ago) is that we influence the fields through the feelings generated in our hearts (number 3).

5. Just Be Open to the Possibility That… Darwin was wrong (gasp!)

Religion doesn’t have it right either. Keep reading to find out why we should reconsider Darwin’s notions and why it’s imperative that we do…

Darwins admission his theory may fall apartDarwins inferred assumption


We know now that humans did not slowly evolve over time like some creatures and plants.

Darwin specifically said that if that were found to be true, then his whole theory would fall apart.

He admitted that it wasn’t logical but that he used his imagination to come up with the theory that Nature was based on the “survival of the strongest”.

He used the example of his observations of a few creatures in the Galapagos to infer this so called “Law of Nature”, which has since had devastating consequences to life on the planet.

We need to let this antiquated and dangerous idea go.


Science is now showing that the fundamental preferred behavior of Nature is co-operation, not competition. the ideal amount of competition is no competion is good

A prime example is the intricate, harmoniously cooperative synchronicity that happens among the 50-100 Trillion cells that make up our body.

If there is a communication breakdown, the body starts to break down until it can repair itself again.

What Can We Do With This Information?

If we have a new perception of ourselves, and how we relate to each other and the planet, we can dramatically change how we interact, and the solutions we come up with.

Gregg says The Institute of HeartMathis showing through their research that the simple act of connecting with the feeling in our hearts and then projecting that outward to all things, we affect the planet on an energetic level, which then translates eventually into physical effects too. It’s all connected.

Who We Are Pyramid of Thinking


The above images are mostly from Gregg’s lectures and also his interviews on GaiamTV. He has so much wisdom to share, we didn’t even scratch the surface. You have to check him out if you want some well-researched information on the biggest questions we’ve ever faced. There are numerous prestigious experts who share very similar ideas to Gregg’s, but he has a gift of delivering this kind of information in a easy to digest and compassionate way.

Thanks for joining us!

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