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Vital Vibe Source

Do you get overwhelmed with all the information on health products and supplements? If you don’t have the time to do the research yourself on what are the best health products out there right now, we completely understand.

We’ve been researching health topics from some of the greatest minds across the vast areas of study for many years now. To get the best information you have to go outside the multi-trillion dollar health care system that depends on you being ill. Most of the greatest sources believe in the fundamental perspective of unity. This ensures that they have your best interests in mind, knowing that we are all in this together, and understanding the reciprocal effect of their actions (ie. karma). is a collection of these resources. We want to save you the literally thousands of hours we invest in learning about the best products and information to help you feel the best, and live the best life ever!









Gaiam TV

The Netflix for Conscious Minds! Get a free trial membership by clicking this banner. We’ve been waiting our entire lives for TV shows like this. Subscription Membership to instant streaming videos of Original Interviews, Award Winning Documentaries, Spiritual Cinema, Online Yoga, and Fitness. There’s something for anyone interested in Self-Growth. Empowering TV without the guilt.


Visit Gaiam TV for a 10-day free trial

My Yoga on Gaiam TV

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