What is The Ripple Effect? We Begin with Rockstar of Health David Wolfe

Wouldn’t you love to have the time to be able to read all the informative books and resources out there in order to live a better life with a much greater perspective? How much of an impact would the knowledge of more effective solutions and answers make on your life?

“Who has the time though?”


It’s something I hear often. If you have a busy life than this can be challenging to say the least. Wouldn’t it be great if others could do it for you, and then give you the short version? If you then found a particular subject fascinating, you could focus on that one?

Well this is what CafeNamaste.com is all about. There are those who prefer to watch a short video than read an article however, so we’ve created something new…

It’s called The Ripple Effect. It’s a series of videos and interviews on fascinating topics to help break your mind free of the programmed belief systems of limitation and fear. Think of it as a Conscious News Report. We want to help drop the pebble of new awareness into the mind of reality so that new possibility will ripple throughout consciousness to manifest a brighter collective potential.

We’ll cover the stuff that mainstream media misses, or intentionally avoids. Our purpose is to give you the heads up on exciting information that many times contradicts what you hear through the major channels.

Our vision is to present and discuss empowering solutions to help you thrive!


The very first episode is on some of the TOP Insights from the rockstar of Health and Nutrition, David Wolfe.

Check it out!



Go here for a few of David Wolfe’s Powerful Smoothie Recipes

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