A New Vision Emerging From the Collapse of the Old World Order


A New Vision for Earth


By Scott Helton

You’ve heard the doom and gloom, probably felt the foreboding hopelessness of our world situation and our apparent impending fate. Awareness though, is only the first step. Once we know what’s wrong, we must turn our attention and focus to the solutions of where we want to go if we want to steer our reality into a different direction.

[pullquote align=”right” textalign=”center” width=”40%”]”What we fight, we fuel. What we resist, persists. Energy flows where attention goes.”[/pullquote]




Those of us who are awake, know that we’ve been controlled and manipulated for a very long time by a small number of families who control the largest banks and corporations around the world. Since they control the money, they control most of the world’s governments and militaries as well. They have seen to it that no real progress is made, and that we are continuously occupied with wars and military operations around the world all for their own personal benefit and entertainment. The distractions created for our powerful attention have been masterfully guided our entire lives, just research the sinister tactics of Edward Bernays to find out just how.


This is their game, their matrix built to limit us, not empower us. This game can not go on however, we and the Earth have reached a critical point, and they know it. As much as anyone, I find myself wishing for overdue justice, and for their tyrannical reign to finally end. However, I believe we can’t play by their rules or tactics, because their game is rigged severely in their favor. Maybe the best approach is to get up from their game, and go outside and create a new one without them.

“You never change things by fighting the existing reality.
To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.”

~ Buckminster Fuller ~

If we base our approach from an understanding of wholeness, or oneness, then fighting the heartless giant corporations and corrupt governments may not be the real solution. This will only feed their outdated belief system of competition and “survival of the strongest”. Then we may ask, what IS a constructive use of our attention and energy? Is there anyone with real feasible solutions to direct our energies and attention toward?

Their are many. Many believe Jacque Fresco is THE pioneer for tangible, actionable solutions toward a resource based economic structure. He’s an amazing designer and visionary, who’s spent the majority of his life designing solutions to heal our planet and society, and at 96+ years old, that’s a long time!

If you’ve been intrigued by movies like Thrive and the Zeitgeist films, you will enjoy the information and solutions offered by Jacque’s Venus Project, and short film “Paradise or Oblivion


Ubuntu – Abundance through Unity

Two other great resources for community and social engineering on a much more conscious level are Thrive Movement and New Earth Project. Also look at the Ubuntu movement by Michael Tellinger.

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