The Money Mindset: Conditioning Yourself for Wealth with Hypnosis


Author:Ryan Nichols

~from Nichols Clinical Hypnotherapy ~

We all love money on some level, but what does this have to do with hypnosis and hypnotherapy?  I’ll let Anthony Robbins answer that:

“All wealth begins and ends in the mind.  If you do not have enough money in your life there is one – and only one – primary reason: you have not conditioned yourself for wealth.” – Tony Robbins

Okay, great.  So how does one get conditioned for wealth?


We do so by ensuring we have the right associations to money. First, it’s important to understand that we all have different associations to money – some might be positive, some might be negative.  These associations dictate what kind of relationship you have with money, and consequently, to what extent you embrace it…or resist it on a subconscious level.

It’s tremendously important to learn what money truly means to you.  What words do you associate to money?  What do you remember hearing and learning about money when growing up?  If you were raised to believe that ‘Money doesn’t grow on trees!’, or ‘There’s no such thing as a free lunch!’, then chances are you have a mindset which is going to resist wealth.  Money will be seen as scarce and difficult to acquire.  And if that’s what you believe, then that is the reality you will live and experience.


Fortunately, the opposite is also true.  You can create positive associations to money which ensure that it will flow into your life.  This doesn’t mean that you can then sit on the couch chanting ‘I love money!’ and wait to become rich, but you have at least conditioned yourself to be open and receptive to wealth and abundance.  This is a start.

Once you’ve learned to condition yourself to attract money, then it’s equally as important to manage it and…to share it.  This is key to improving your money mindset.  If you’ve ever read some of the classic wealth-building books like ‘The Richest Man in Babylon’ you’ll be familiar with the concept of giving away 10% of your income as part of a wealth-building strategy.  While this might seem counter-intuitive, the rationale behind it is very logical.  When you give away 10% of your money it teaches your subconscious mind that you have more than enough for yourself, and can share some with others – it makes you feel like a ‘giver’.  Your subconscious mind will then work to help you create that reality in your life.  The opposite, of course, is that if you spend your life hording your precious money and focusing on how little you have, then you are reinforcing a poverty mindset and are likely to remain miserly and poor.

So, what does money mean to you?  How do you relate to it?  Do you fear it?  Resist it?  Embrace it? Hate it?  Is it the root of all evil or the source of all power?  Does the idea of being rich make you feel greedy?  Or does it inspire you because being rich is the best way you can help the poor?

If your relationship with money is less than ideal, perhaps it’s worth exploring what’s underlying the difficulties.

What would life look like if you sparked up a love affair with money and started embracing abundance instead of spurning it?

If you want more financial abundance in your life you must ensure you are subconsciously attracting it, instead of repelling it.  As always, your mind has the answers you’re looking for and hypnosis will help you find them.

Are you ready to create your ideal money mindset?

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