The Only 8 Step Process You Need To Love Yourself As You Are


There’s a new understanding of Ancient Truths emerging…

It’s the End of the Self-Improvement Movement!

By Scott Helton

“The Law of Emergence,” a term coined by author and coach Derek Rydell. It’s a more holistic, yet very different approach to The Law of Attraction. While it may seem subtle to the initiate, there’s an important key difference, that makes all the difference.

In the Law of Emergence, we don’t attract the things we want (or don’t want) to us, they emerge from us. Like the oak from the acorn, or the butterfly from the caterpillar. They didn’t need to attract the qualities of an oak or butterfly to them. Both had it in them all along, never needing to struggle to become something else. The pattern, or blueprint was already inside, and it naturally unfolded.

Most self-improvement and success advocates teach us we must continue to strive to make ourselves better. This perspective is taking action coming from a place of lack, as if we’re somehow broken, incomplete, or less than where we need to be.
The concept of Emergence tells us there’s nothing to improve, only to integrate and see the purpose and the gift in the experience.
When we want something in our lives, instead of praying for something, we should pray from something. Instead of getting something to happen, it’s about letting something happen, not making it happen, but making it welcome.


If we believe that we are ONE with the Divine Source, and The Divine is all there is, then we must agree that all is Divine, and therefore it and we are all energies. When we judge, push-away, or try and clear-away, purge some part of us, we create separation and dualism. In Oneness, which is the ultimate realization, there can be no hierarchy, no higher-than, more-than, or better-than.

Instead of condemning or rejecting some aspect of ourselves, or in others, what if we took a more holistic approach…?

Derek offers this advice:

Invite that part or aspect of you to come into your awareness. Notice what they look like, what they’re wearing. Invite them to sit down, and then ask them these questions.

1.  Where did you come from, where did I create you, or when? What was the event?

2. What has been your gift all along? How have you been my ally and not my enemy?
3. What is your gift or lesson for me now? Why are you showing up now?
4. What do you need from me to feel loved, appreciated, accepted, validated, and take a healthy place in my life now?
5. Ask for specificactionable guidance.

6. Finally ask, is there anything else that you have to share with me now for me to be in integrity with you, and no longer be fighting or resisting you?
7. Embrace that part of you, love them, thank them for being there. Invite them to be a part of your heart.
8. Follow through on the guidance you’ve gotten!
You will then begin to re-pattern your neurology, and recondition your consciousness.

This reconditioning will begin to produce new fruits in your life.


Derek is the real deal. I’ve literally read thousands of authors on subjects of self-improvement and self-development. His, is in my opinion, one of the most holistic approaches, and surprisingly completely opposite of the norm.

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