Science Behind the Unified Field – How We Create Reality Together

The Brilliant Nassim Haramein Explains How We Create Reality…Together


how we co-create reality

This is How Reality is Manifested. Electrons flow out of the galactic plane of the “black hole” within the center of an atom. They then become the basis of physical matter. The electrons follow the flow of the pattern back into the center (the singularity, infinite pure potentiality). They then inform the singularity “God, the Universe, The Source” what will be expressed back outward in an endless feedback loop.


Yep, we create reality. Actually, we co-create reality together. And no, this isn’t just a nice “new-agey” concept.

There’s a growing number of scientists and researchers like Nassim Haramein, Mark Rodin, Deepak Chopra, and Roger Penrose, among many others who report that our current understanding of Physics is wrong.

Reality is much more mutable and less fixed than we used to believe. In fact, even the building blocks of the atom are both in particle and wave form, manifest and unmanifest.

Nassim Haramein explains in a very understandable way how our unique awareness acting as the greater consciousness helps inform and thereby co-create the reality we experience.

You’ve likely heard of the energy fields that surround not only our planet, but each one of us, but how exactly do they work? How are our energetic fields interacting with each other and the Earth?

Here’s the science to help confirm the mysticism of how we create reality together.

Lilou Mace created her own Juicy Living Tour. She travels around the world interviewing some of the greatest minds on the planet.

There are thousands of interviews now, on a variety of topics exploring greater consciousness. This one with Nassim, however, is one of my absolute favorites.

Lilou interviews Nassim Haramein, one of the world’s most ground-breaking theoretical physicists, about how the energy that surrounds and flows through us all actually works. 

Watch this fun interview if you want a greater understanding of how the Universe works. Learn how our energy fields work, from a brilliant guy who can bridge the science with the mysticism.

Both are fantastically amazing people!

For a deeper understanding on these ideas and how they even tie together many ancient wisdom teaching and sacred geometry, then you must watch Black Whole. This documentary is one of the most important films I’ve ever seen (and I’ve seen hundreds).





Let’s make sure we create reality in the best way possible! 🙂

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