Could the Sun’s Energy Actually Be Sending Us Information Like Radio Waves?


By Scott Helton


Might there be more going on with how we are affected by the sun, earth, and even the entire cosmos? Is there more of an information exchange happening than most are even aware of?

Science is now proving (to itself) what the mystics and yogis have talked about for eons. Here are some pretty exciting discoveries…

Research is showing that all this is likely occurring through the influx of energetic information in the form of light from our sun, and even the central core of our galaxy (the ancient Egyptians may have depicted this concept as well). It sounds silly to those who’ve never heard of these concepts before, but there are some very smart people who support this idea.

As a starter, eh video below provides a clearer visual of earth’s electro-magnetic field.

If you ever wondered where those visual dances of light (known as auroras) come from, or how the earth is impacted by solar flares, watch this excellent short video from NASA demonstrating this process.

This video also demonstrates the toroidal field around Earth that physicist Nassim Haramein theorizes surrounds everything, every atom, including each of us!

Below the video is some fascinating visual information from The Institute of Heart Math with links to the scientific research supporting these ideas.

Mysteries of the Sun: Magnetosphere from Science@NASA on Vimeo.

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