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Reverse The Aging of Your Body So You Can Live With Optimum Health
living longer and healthier

What’s the most important thing to you personally?

If you listen and observe others discussing their concerns, what often takes most precedence is the core concern over living longer and healthier. Even the desire for acceptance or money can be ferreted down to health and survival.

Beyond our relationships, which are obviously important, for most of us, living longer and healthier are crucial to enjoying and fully engaging with this experience here on planet Earth.

Our primal needs must be met for most of us first before we contemplate things like connection and purpose. We could think of that part of us that transcends the egoic self, that is infinite and unchanging, but I’m fairly certain our higher Self does not stress over it’s being infinite. This body and mind that our soul inhabits however, appears to be required for our participation in this reality we know as life. Maybe reincarnation is true and we can just infuse our being into another infant body when this one wears out, but what if this was not the ideal, and instead merely a default reset…?


What about the ancient legends?

We hear of ancient stories in multiple cultures and locations of beings living longer and healthier up to many hundreds of years with excellent health. Are these really just stories? What if they aren’t? We see more and more examples of people now living longer and healthier than we used to think possible, many in areas without modern medicine at all. What if our collective concept of aging was just a very strong, persistent belief? What if we could inform our DNA and cells through thoughts, beliefs, and nutrition to thrive instead of decay?

Yes, even nutrition informs cells through biochemistry and subtle (yet powerful) RNA messages that trigger DNA responses to transform the community of cells that make up our body. Your thoughts, beliefs, and nutrition matter and make a difference. What information are you feeding your cells?1

Is there a pill for living longer and healthier? A pill for aging?

Yes, there actually is! The most studied one is TA-65 (A key component of which is an isolated strand of the top Ayurvedic, and TA-65Chinese medicinal herb Astragalus). Telomerase activation with TA-65 in aged or chronically stressed normal cells has been shown to slow or reverse telomere shortening, increase replicative capacity and restore or fortify cellular function.

The Science:

Research Studies:

  • The First Documented Age Reversal in a Mammal: Harvard University Study shows Telomerase Activation Helps Reverse the Aging Process
  • More Clinical Research

Anti-Aging Solutions Like Telo-Essence

A newer solution is from Dr. Al Sears, MD and his company Primal Force. He was part of the original small group of doctors allowed to administer TA-65 to their patients. Since then, Dr. Sears has devoted the majority of his research into developing the third evolution of his own upgraded product Telo-Essence. While he’s around 60 years old, his blood work and performance tests indicate he has the body of someone in their 30s. That’s nearly half his age!

Both of these products are designed to take advantage of one of the most exciting medical breakthroughs of our time – the secret of the telomere. These are the tiny endcaps of your DNA, called telomeres (TEE-luh-meers). They are critical to your ability to stay young as you get older… and here’s why.


Think of your telomeres as the time clocks in every one of your cells. Their job is to keep track of the number of times your cells can divide and copy themselves. They also act as a safeguard to protect your DNA.


Each time your cells divide, your telomeres gets shorter – like the burning fuse on a stick of dynamite. When the cells have shorter telomeres, it makes them weaker and more frail. When telomeres get too short, cells die and life comes to an end.


If you were to look at your cells under a microscope, you would see that younger cells have longer telomeres, and older cells have shorter ones.


But it goes even deeper than that. Short telomeres “command” your body to make new cells that are already old and decrepit. Longer telomeres “command” your body to make new cells that are younger and more vital.


You see, telomeres determine how old or young you feel… regardless of your chronological age. That’s why keeping your telomeres long and healthy is one of the most important things you can do to keep the rest of your body youthful and strong.

living longer and healthierGranted these two solutions are not cheap, unless you compare them to plastic surgery, botox treatments, tons of supplements, and other anti-aging technologies… One expensive treatment takes stem cells from your bone marrow, cultivates them, and then injects them into your blood stream. This one costs over $15,000 dollars!

It does make sense that if you are going to spend money on expensive plastic surgeries that aren’t going to help you in living longer and healthier, then these are obviously much more preferable. Telo-Essence in particular is designed to help all the functions of your body by going straight to tackling the initial cause of aging. Dr. Sears is so sure that it will work for you, he offers a 100% Satisfaction, Money-Back Guarantee. That’s great integrity!

Other Less Expensive Options

If these are out of your budget, there are still other great options like MegaHydrate, which is also shown to regrow telomeres and have many anti-aging effects.

  • This is a brand-new category of biomedical technology, and a brand-new category of nutritional supplementation.
  • A Nobel-Prize Winning Breakthrough
  • Extend the Power of Youth by “Flipping a Switch” in Your Cells

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