What is ORMUS and Why Should You Care?

Can Ormus, a concentrated blend of monatomic minerals, boost your health and even level of consciousness?

UPDATE APRIL, 2018 – Unfortunately, Blue Water Alchemy has stopped production of ormus. They continue to produce it for themselves, but have retired from business.

So, what is ormus?

Have you ever heard of something kind of crazy sounding at first, but as you explored it further, it began to make perfect sense?


Monatomic Ormus Fountain Of Youth



It happened to me when I began practicing Hot Yoga. Initially, this sounds like a last-man-standing event for exhibitionists, but eventually most recognize the multitude of health benefits, and most importantly how amazing they begin to feel…


It happened again for me when I finally looked into the ancient health elixir I kept hearing about called ORMUS.


Don’t Dismiss Something You Don’t Understand

As you look around, as you listen to those around you speak of all their chronic health issues, it becomes immediately apparent that the mainstream view of health and nutrition is not working. Many of the healthiest, most turned-on, vitally alive people I know are most often those that tend to ignore profit-driven, mainstream advice and look to the more ancient, long-trusted, and also even more esoteric solutions.


These open-minded people also have the common belief that maybe our ancient elders knew something we don’t fully understand with our current filtered perception. As we form strong beliefs, we limit possibility. It’s a proven fact that our understanding of reality is only a tiny sliver of what there is to discover. We automatically try to make everything fit our current model of reality and push aside that which doesn’t. Maybe our ancient elders, obviously more connected to Nature and her processes, understood something that most modern cultures have long forgotten…


At the very least, stay curious.


Best Health Bang for the Buck

I’m constantly on the search for the type of practice, food, or supplement that can bring the biggest beneficial impact to people’s health… things like Meditation, Yoga, consciously grown whole foods, and spring water (properly filtered, re-mineralized, and “structured” water for those without access to spring water). These are things that will improve the functioning of your body and mind on all levels.


For years, I kept hearing about something called ORMUS (monatomic elements), also known as “Mana” or “White Powdered Gold”… I had heard that it was ingested by the well initiated of ancient Egypt, and the mysterious Essenes who most likely wrote The Dead Sea Scrolls and were keepers of highly advanced wisdom. I was curious about ormus, but never took the time to fully investigate it.


I was then lucky enough to meet two of the leading experts on Ormus production, Don Gifford and Scott Stevens from Blue Water Alchemy. Upon casually and serendipitously bumping into them, I was immediately impressed by their high level of intelligence and ability to weave together various esoteric studies, but even more so by the amount of unconditional love that each of them radiated. These two aspects, seem to be mutually exclusive and somewhat divergent strengths in most people I meet. They invited me to visit them at their home and facility in Crestone, Colorado. What followed was a fascinating whirlwind discussion that ran the gamut of topics about who we really are, and our potential destiny as human beings.

Scott, an ex-professional meteorologist, also happens to be one of the world’s top reporters on weather geo-engineering, and was featured in the documentary series, What In The World Are They Spraying. This is also a fascinating topic, but for now, I want to focus on this amazing stuff called Ormus…


What is Ormus?

Ormus is a solution of monatomic, or “M-state” minerals suspended in liquid. These monatomic elements are essentially Nature’s building blocks. Don’t look for them on a typical atomic chart however; they exist in a very subtle, yet more powerful form of matter. Normally, the atoms of minerals are bound together, but monatomic minerals are collections of unbound atoms. A traditionally trained scientist may believe this is impossible, but many Russian, German, as well as the more radical scientists acknowledge it to be an elevated, and more encompassing scientific view. Think of these elements as the physical bridge that connects consciousness with organic life. The Earth produces them naturally using its transforming processes of Fire, Water, and Earth…


Earth’s Natural Alchemy

Fires turn trees to ash. Rain pouring through the ash, becomes a highly alkaline liquid like potash, which chemically and energetically “shocks” the elements in the Earth’s soil into monatomic elements. The traditional method of making potash is to soak plant ash in a pot of water, hence the name. It turns out that ocean water is abundant with it too.


How Ormus is Made

The word potassium, which is highly alkaline (the opposite of acidic) is derived from Potash salts (pH of 14). It’s the 7th most abundant element on Earth, and a necessary one for organic life. Most potash comes from either clay mineral deposits or from rock-deposits formed from dried-up ancient seabeds. The potash, in this case, is also used by makers of Ormus as the catalyst to activate and transform the rock/metallic form of various minerals like gold, platinum, silver, copper, zinc, magnesium, etc. into their higher vibratory state known as monatomic microclusters.


ormus-milk-honeyBlue Water Alchemy refers to this process (The Essene Wet Method) as: pH shock (using food grade codex FDA approved Potash also known as potassium hydroxide). This completely safe and beneficial process releases and energizes the elements present in their salt water blends, and Ormus is born. Once the pH shock occurs (alchemy), Ormus is created. After the alchemical reaction, the solution now consists of calcium, magnesium and a potassium base and all other elements that are found in the salts. It is this process that allows the elements to be dropped from the salt crystal.


This process takes patience. It is a three to four week time period to complete one batch of Ormus. It is finished through fresh water osmosis three times with high mountain re-structured water from source to lower sodium levels. Ormus thrives in this water. They use a device referred to as River of Life (also used by David Wolfe in his own home) to restructure the water, taking the Ormus to an even higher potential.


monatomic ormus merkabaSome of The Magic That Makes This Ormus Unique

If you go visit Blue Water Alchemy yourself, the first thing you’ll notice after meeting Don and Scott, is the impressive, room-sized, eight-sided merkaba used in the production of their Ormus. This merkaba also employs a rodin coil in the very center, hooked up to another audio device cycling the solfeggio frequencies through it every 29 minutes. -Talk about high vibration!


Benefits of Ormus

Ormus increases the conductivity of your body’s electrical and energetic systems.

Ormus producers say that the highly charged atoms of Ormus are excellent for the immune system, helping defend your cells against foreign invaders like parasites, bacteria, and viruses.

It may also be of interest (If you’ve chosen the red pill and are deep down the rabbit hole), that Ormus may also be the best defense against biowarfare agents that cause things like Morgellons Disease, and synthetic agents hijacking our bodies, believed to be introduced through things like “aircraft aerosols”, as well as vaccines. Scott says, these get “fried” by the intensely higher vibratory state of Ormus.


My First Experience with Ormus

They offered me some while I was there. It doesn’t take much; a teaspoon in a glass of water is all that’s recommended, especially at first. I felt it immediately. The sensation felt like a supercharged awareness and palpable connection to creative intelligence.

It doesn’t stimulate the nervous system though, it’s more like the powerful recharge one feels during a fully satisfying vacation. I’m told some people don’t necessarily “feel” anything, but that doesn’t mean it’s not working. Ormus works on the most subtle, sub-atomic layer of our bodies, helping us becoming more conductive to the sources of information flowing through our body and mind. Light, and superluminal light known as prana, qi, lifeforce are part of these energies.

Assuming you understand that everything is energy and vibrating at specific frequencies at its most zoomed in level, you’ll understand then that Ormus is helping our cells vibrate at their optimal level of resonance. So, in effect, it doesn’t matter if you feel anything, what really matters is what’s happening at the level of your DNA and cells that make up your body.


What Does it Do for Plants?ormus for plants

Blue Water Alchemy also offer a product specifically for gardens and food production. Gardeners and Farmers have noticed a significant difference in the yield of their crops. Not only that, but food produced with Ormus is tested to have higher ORAC values (antioxidant levels), as well as nutrient density with devices such as a brix refractometer.


Not All Ormus is the Same

There are a number of Ormus manufacturers out there, but not all products are actually Ormus, containing monatomic elements. Scott says that some people use electricity as a catalyst to break off small nano-sized particles into water. These particles are still metallic in nature, however, and not actually Ormus like was described above. Unfortunately, there are still other companies who appear to be completely fraudulent all together.


Another thing that really impressed me about Don and Scott is their devotion to their work, and generosity with their time. I’ve talked to them a few times on the phone since that day, and they’re always extremely sincere and authentic in their communication with me, and openly share their abundant knowledge and wisdom on creating overall wellbeing.


Listen to Scott explain what is ormus, and some of their most frequently asked questions in this short video


Because Ormus works on the most foundational level of our bodies, it appears to be a great comprehensive solution for optimal health and wellbeing.

What is ormus doing for you? I’m curious to hear your experience with ormus in the comments below.



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    • steve on April 7, 2018 at 6:51 am
    • Reply

    I am a 64 year old male. I have ADHD or so I am told by first my counselor then medical psychiatrist who prescribed 20 mg. of Adderall a day. My desire is to get off this prescription even though it helps because I don’t like prescriptions. Could Ormus be of help?

    1. It may help depending on the underlying cause. I’ve heard great feedback from people with ADHD who’ve tried Brain Octane, and Carbon 60 (C60)

    2. I’m glad you want to get off of it because millions of people alike are supposedly suffering from some sort of hyperactivity issues or related, with one being termed as the supposed ADHD. Do you notice how doctors don’t have a reason for this prevalence of disorder/syndrome? Cremations, chiropractic care and simply cleaning your internal and external environment should do you well because chances are this one manifestation of disorder is a result of the toxic metals chemicals we all are exposed to and we all are exhibiting in such horridity. goodluck

    • Kashif Leonard on April 29, 2018 at 11:04 pm
    • Reply

    How could i get some real ormus

    1. Unfortunately, the suppliers we promoted have recently retired.

        • Wilfred Hunt on June 23, 2018 at 12:57 pm
        • Reply

        So is there a producer you can recommend?

        1. I’ve been using David Wolfe’s ormus gold myself. He says he’s been working on this method of production for 25 years, and claims he’s finally discovered one of the secrets of alchemy. It looks clear, but supposedly if you bring it into sunlight, eventually all the minerals will reappear in the solution. It’s best for rejuvenating skin, and used topically. I asked David if he ingests it, and he said that it’s probably wasting it because of the way the liver has to process it first. I’ve just begun, but look forward to reporting back on this. https://shop.davidwolfe.com/products/ormus-gold-1-7-oz-50-ml?variant=11592581087275

    • Jasmine on October 5, 2018 at 5:56 pm
    • Reply


    How can I get in touch with the guys at the Blue Water Alchemy? What are their contacts? Their website seems to not be working. Thank you!

    1. Hi Jasmine,
      They’ve actually retired and moved out of the country. I’m not sure how you could contact them anymore.

    • Helene M Ruiz-Pla on May 26, 2019 at 9:47 pm
    • Reply

    Thank you for sharing your knowledge about Ormus. Anything that enhances the body to work better is a plus. I recently started using Ormus and your write up gives a very good insight about it. Thanks again!

    • John p Rockweiler on September 2, 2019 at 3:02 pm
    • Reply

    St Germain on Alchemy and the Violet flame for immortality

    • Cici on December 14, 2019 at 6:43 am
    • Reply

    I have Hashimotos disease. I lack energy, have memory issues, joint pain along with anxiety and depression from the disease. What do you suggest

    1. Hi Cici, thanks for your question. I can share some of the things I’ve learned from some very reputable sources over the years that you can look into yourself…
      One thing that surprises many, is that even though increasing iodine for thyroid issues is generally encouraged, this sometimes is not true for Hashimoto’s. Increasing iodine can actually trigger hashimotos flare ups, which is an autoimmune dysfunction.
      Look at your vitamin and mineral deficiencies that are crucial to thyroid function: iodine, zinc, selenium, iron, Vitamin D
      Selenium is very important in prevention. Most experts I follow recommend 3 brazil nuts per day.
      If doing everything else right, then increasing Thiamine (a B vitamin) by supplementing 600mg / day and energy levels should come up within 3 days according to Dr Justin
      Dr Alan Christiansen recommends nigella sativa, called “blackseed” and “black cumin seed” even though those are actually different things. Look for one with “nigella sativa”.
      According to many others research and experience, C60 or “carbon 60” is fantastic for chronic inflammation issues among many other things. Our store vitalvibesource.com offers the C60 bonded to blackseed oil. I take this one myself and it’s helped many people with a variety of inflammatory conditions and other health issues.
      I do hope you are able to find some help with these or something else.

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