Want to Transform Yourself? First Step: BE IT!

A New You Requires New Fuel and Information.

If you want to transform yourself, if you’re inspired to make a big change in your life (perhaps many), it would be wise to start first with the very important basics.

The body and mind are only optimized for this task if you first have proper oxygen and pH levels, as well as the right nutrition to support the new levels of thinking and energy to create change. Initial mind-set comes first.

What Are You Going to Call This New Ideal You?


Transforming personal behavior starts with adopting the new identity or personality in order to create the habits and beliefs that will eventually create the new sub-conscious paradigm from which you operate as that new persona. (for more look into Dr. Joe Dispenza’s work).

A huge part of transformation is about choosing the new behavior of that new identity. Adopting a personality has a particular energy to it that affects our physiology and psychology, and thereby our actions, eventual habits, and routines. This then becomes our new transformed identity for our body and mind.

Before attacking a giant to-do list of new daily habits, first start with your mind-set, oxygenation, and nutrition. BE IT!


Breath is Life

To raise your oxygen levels as well as quickly raising pH levels from acidic to more alkaline (most people are much too acidic) try yogic deep breathing, also known as pranayama. This will saturate your blood stream with oxygen and bring your pH level up effectively. In many cultures “breath” and “spirit” are actually the same word. The yogis also believe that there is an energetic aspect tied to the breath known as prana. This is the same energy that animates all life, known also as qi (chi), the force, life force, tachyon energy, torsion field, universal, and scalar energy. This practice will fuel the oxygen starved more primal parts of the brain stem, and awaken all the systems of your body to “come online” and function more optimally.


You Are Literally What You Eat

The community of cells that make up your body are derived primarily from the food you ingest. All of your cells (even skeletal) are replaced within every 6 or 7 years, so you are rewriting your body and mind on a continual basis through your choices. So be specific on how you want to transform yourself.

You could say that the recipes that are used to continually manifest your body come from your genes, but not all recipes have to be used and those same recipes can be interpreted in a multitude of ways. Part of how they are interpreted and the decision of which genes (recipes) get used come from the immediate environment (which is information to the cells). The state of your mind, which is not located solely in the brain but the whole body and field of energy that surrounds you, plays a major role. Is it a stressful environment, demanding defensive and protective prioritization? Or, is it a harmonious peaceful one, in which the community of cells that makes up you can grow and thrive?

Besides the recipes, what else is important? Yep, the ingredients. Where do the ingredients in this case come from?

The choices you make (consciously or not) about the food, water, and substances you take in become the ingredients from which your body is made. It’s important to also remember, your mouth is not the only delivery system. The air you breathe, and what comes in contact with your skin, also plays an important role. Your skin is your largest organ, as well as an extension of your nervous system which informs the brain. Chemicals that come through the skin, do not get filtered through the liver, but go directly into the bloodstream affecting your cells and the rest of the organs, so pay attention to the lotions and injections too. Since the chemicals in water come in through both ways, you either use a filter or become a filter. Check out these

Your Food is Speaking to You

You become what you eatEpigenetics, Cymatics, and other areas of scientific research show us that there is more than a chemical exchange happening, but also vibratory and a subtle, yet powerful informational exchange happening. Your food is “speaking to/instructing” your cells through epigenetic factors. For more on this, look into Dr. Bruce Lipton’s work, or my article on The Messages in Our Food.


To Transform Yourself, Begin By Creating Your New Emotional State.

Start with the basics of mind-set, deep breathing exercises and your food choices. This will help ensure that you have the energy and information to sustain your new identity.



It’s a great exercise to pause and ask yourself, “Is this is the water, or food that I want to allow to become me and affect my potential?”


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