Are You Spiritually Constipated? My Lunch With Panache Desai

Having Lunch With Panache Desai, Who Invites Us to Go From “No” to “Flow.”

lunch with panache desaiI recently got the awesome opportunity to sit down and have lunch with international wisdom teacher Panache Desai. I want to share this with you because I believe everyone could benefit from what he had to say.

This serendipity came about from my volunteering to help out at his latest event in Colorado. After an inspiring Friday evening, followed by a morning lecture and several emotional processing exercises, Panache was headed off to a nearby restaurant to get something to eat before the final afternoon session of the seminar. He glanced over at me and asked if I was coming along, so I didn’t hesitate to say yes.

Even though there were six of us seated around the table, curiously the others weren’t speaking that much. I chose to break the silence by asking Panache more about his prior younger life as a popular underground rave organizer back in London, and what that was like. I knew this was a chance not to be missed, so I also thought hard about what question I really would like to have him bring some clarity to in my mind.

Ask yourself…

If you had such an opportunity, what would you want to ask the man with one of the freshest, most authentic, and unique takes on spiritual wisdom, leading him to become one of the most popular new teachers in this unprecedented time of change?

Panche Desai Book His new book, Discovering Your Soul Signature: A 33-Day Path to Purpose, Passion & Joy has already climbed into Amazon’s Top 5 Best-Sellers in the category of Energy Healing. Not bad for his first book. People were so impressed by him at the event that they had sold every copy of his book, and all of his cds and dvds before the 2nd day even began!

Even Oprah Winfrey has invited him to her show to chat more than once. Personally, I’ve been so impressed by his message that I featured him on my site as one of the Top Visionaries of the emerging world. He doesn’t want to be called a guru though; he claims his purpose is simply to “remind you of who you really are in the fullness of your being.”

So, what did I choose to ask him? Keep reading…



Panache’s Weekend Workshop

One of the key take-a-ways from listening to Panache is the reminder that as a part of Nature, of the Cosmos, of the Divine, we are connected to, and an inseparable part of everything that is. With the understanding of oneness comes the realization that we are all vibrations and all frequencies on the scale of existence. And so, knowing that, one of the best concepts we can learn to implement in our lives is that of acceptance… Without judgments or labels, where can there be a problem? Every challenging moment or person then becomes instead an opportunity, a reflection to show you where you’re in total state of flow, or not allowing and integrating an aspect of yourself.

Panache Desai Illuminati?

If you attend his workshop, be prepared to jot down many notes. At times I felt like a scribe, trying to keep up as a plethora of brilliant and poetic expressions of wisdom rolled off his tongue. This happens in a very down-to-earth, and many times very humorous style. Although ironically at this particular event, he sat in a throne-like chair at the head of an old Masonic lodge… Of course, he poked fun at the apparent paradox, “Oh, before you leave tonight, be sure and wake the person seated next to you if they’re sleeping. You don’t want them waking up after we’ve gone, discovering that they’ve become part of some secret midnight Illuminati ceremony…”


 Are You Spiritually Constipated? Experience the Freeing of Emotions.

Spending the weekend with Panache, you’ll also experience all ranges of emotions as you watch him take individuals through their repressed and suppressed dramas and traumas. Then as a group, you’ll confront your own shadow self, the side you hide from others and are afraid of admitting as part of your human experience.

Panache isn’t your typical spiritual teacher though, because you’ll also be getting in touch with your “inner epic F-You to the Universe”… for whatever dramas you have experienced in your life, and for not delivering what it is you’ve been asking for so long. You learn from finally expressing that frustration and anger that it is your resistance to what is, to the emotions you are actually feeling that causes the blockage to being in the open state of Flow, and of allowing life to just easily flow through you in a state of true grace.


Panache Desai Quotes

Rather than explaining every concept, I though it would be more valuable to just list some of the many quotes and insights shared by Panache. They are listed under topics for ease of reference, but many apply to any issue. It might be helpful to reflect a moment after each one…


Health and Financial Wellbeing

Imagine if your soul was in charge of your finances… of your wellbeing…

Even if your experience isn’t currently reflecting that, you still live from that awareness of your soul  being in charge.


Transcendence –The Bigger Picture

Embrace who you are to unleash your soul’s potential.

You tap into something transcendent.

Dissolve your density.

Remind yourself of who you are at the deepest level. Then your life can’t help but change. You can’t resist your destiny.


Manifesting Change In Your Life

Existence is a game of balancing polarity.

You have to address the opposite energy within yourself to have what you want.

Address the Fear, Lack, and Scarcity, and Prosperity comes into your life.

Life is happening for us and through us.

Willing something doesn’t work in most cases. You have to sit with and allow where you’re not integrated.


Conflict and Confrontation

If someone triggers you, be happy about that. Breathing and Being with that will allow you to dissolve it, so it no longer triggers you. In this way, you see those people and experiences that trigger you as opportunities to find those parts of yourself where you’re reacting from and not allowing your true nature to come through.

Existence is a game of balancing polarity.

Enlightenment is the destruction, the illumination of everything that is false.


 Processes for Release and Change

Another area where Panache Desai excels is in helping people process the energy or emotion that has inhibited them from experiencing any progress or movement in a particular area of their life.

Here is the general process he takes someone through. Give as much time to each as you need:

* Are you willing to know yourself in the absence of your pain?

When you stop resisting your pain, it will stop hurting.

The key is to breathe and relax in the midst of the emotion, in the midst of the experience.

Be willing to feel. Allow it to intensify. It’s always there just under the surface.


“Are you ready!? Because I can’t undo it!…?

Relax, close your eyes…

Describe what’s happening in your body…

Breathe, just keep breathing as you describe in deep detail.

[After a while]

Now think about experiencing your fear (etc.) …

It’s all just an energy.

When you address the fear, the energy, the narrative, the story collapses. You don’t need to then experience the manifestation of that fear.


Healing Release From Abuse (Like Rape):

Know that you’re not alone, I’ll live it with you. We are in this together…

What are you experiencing?

Hold your palms open and just keep breathing…

Stay present… keep breathing… keep relaxing… let the fear shake out.

Stay present with what you are experiencing. [He was describing what he was feeling too as he tuned into them.]

How you doin’ now?

Keep breathing, keep relaxing…

You’re OK aren’t you?

[He asks more details about it]

How do you feel? Keep breathing, letting it all keep coming up.

[The energy dissipates eventually. He gets them to a peaceful state.]

Just know that you’re not alone, we’re in this together. I feel like I’m experiencing it too. We get it out of the collective [consciousness] as we confront it.


His Thoughts on Children:

You need to leave them alone to go through what they need to go through. “It is your job to give your kids something to go to therapy about.”

All you can do is take care of yourself. Allow them to have their own experience, they need to…

Things will work themselves out. Stay focused on you. You can’t rescue another. Remain centered in your own connection.

Give up the need to understand. Just relax and give yourself up to the energy. It’s not mental, it’s energy. Let it express the way it wants to.

It doesn’t make sense, and yet it’s perfect.


Spouse / Life Partner:

Let your spouse go through what they need to. Take your own space. Stay connected to who you are. They’ll figure it out.

Everyone’s fear is that you’ll be left by them.

These are moments that are redefining the relationship.

You get to a point of self-sufficiency that you don’t need them. You are there with them out of choice.

Relationships aren’t about meeting needs.


Self-Acceptance and Full-Embodiment:

If you woke up every morning just loving and accepting yourself, imagine how much more time you’d have!?”

If people judge, or react to your particular spiritual practice, say “It’s not my fault your definition of spiritual is so narrow.”

The average human spends their whole life in 1st 3 chakras. When you awaken, you live from all 7 energy centers [chakras]. Living from first three chakras is hell, from the upper four is heaven.


Healing Eyesight or Any of Our Senses:

Our senses shut down because we are afraid of allowing whatever experience we’re in the midst of.

Close your eyes, and open your palms.

Describe what you’re feeling. Just keep breathing, keep relaxing.

What’s happening now? Describe it.

What is it in your life that you don’t want to see, or look at? Continue to be with your experience…


Job Stress:

Try to do less, but charge more. You’re worth it.

Try not to create more stress by making drastic changes. Remember, Life is a series of small adjustments.

Our purpose isn’t tied to our job, it’s tied to living and being who you are… Living your soul signature.

Everything you do is a vibration delivery mechanism. It doesn’t have to be “spiritual.”


Expressing Anger:

Anger is just a more empowered form of sadness.

Allow your inner epic Fuck You out at the Universe, God, whatever you want to call the Divine. When you express the emotion, it no longer has any power over you.

The script is already written, so just enjoy it. Surrender to the experience.

The right side of the body issues usually have to do with father issues. The left is usually to do with your mother.

Isn’t it insane what we do to ourselves?

If you woke up every morning just loving and accepting yourself, imagine how much more time you’d have…”


POWERFUL MEDITATION MANTRA for Releasing Any Kind of Fear or Anxiety

Most of us avoid, or push-away our fears. Instead, keep saying what you’re afraid of like, “I’m not good enough.”

Sit with whatever “stuckness” you’re feeling until you’re done with it and the emotion has dissipated. This is how you disempower it.

It’s liberating on the other side of the emotion.


Your natural tendency is to assign the feeling to someone. They are just there to allow you to be triggered.

Make it your goal to eventually be button-free.

Be consciously uncomfortable. [He says he is much of the time]

The more you are anchored into your Now, the more you are allowing your future to be greater.

This is your last lifetime, so enjoy it! The cycle is ending.



Daily Morning Practice:

Take 3 min every morning to connect to Source. It doesn’t take much effort on your part. Rest in the observation of your breath. Then use your life as a living meditation.


More Practice:

There’s wicked intense energy coming in. You need to at least go for a walk every day minimum. Allow it to flow and expand you.

Go to the densest part of the city and stay there.

Go to the remotest part of the wilderness and stay there.

Be there with the un-comfortableness and experience the energies.

Challenge your comfort level/zone. Expand it until it doesn’t exist anymore.

Ultimately you should be able to be at peace anywhere, while fully experiencing.

* Life is a Therapeutic Irritation.

There is something unresolved that’s seeking completion.

End every cycle in your body, this is what creates real change.

Everything happens in it’s own divine timing.

If you were just left alone, you’d come back into harmony

Are You Striving or Allowing?

God is an infinite ocean of energy.

Everything I’ve tried to make happen failed miserably.

Take what comes, allow the Universe to orchestrate it.

Have a goal, but let go of it, be unattached.

Everyone is enlightened. Allowing it, and relaxing into it is the goal. It is then evidenced more through you.

* There’s a version of your life that’s beyond your ability to imagine.


My Question for Panache

There is a key spiritual question that I have personally deliberated on for years, and also asked many wise people their thoughts on this particular dilemma.

I was curious what Panache’s answer would be, so I ask him about the conundrum of staying informed and awake, taking action, being part of the revolution to free us from tyranny, manipulation, and control… and at the same time not feeding the dualism, fear, hate, and separation.

How do we motivate people to wake up and take positive action to redirect our world to a more natural, sustainable and healthy existence, without inciting fear, hate, and separation, as we confront the darker entities and organizations?

This was his response:

You don’t need to actually create revolution.

The ignorance of our true nature is what is causing the drama in the world.

Just observe what’s happening with a kind of curiosity as to how the Divine is orchestrating the unfolding. It’s all a play, and an illusion.

Get to a point where you no longer contribute energy to the fear mongering.

In the absence of your fear, there’s freedom.

It’s all going to be OK. Just observe.

Don’t get caught up in it.

Everything happens in it’s own divine timing.

It’s actually already done. It’s already written. We’ve already won.

You are the Divine. You wouldn’t create a world in which you created yourself to go extinct.

It’s all just vibrating molecules and energy anyway.

When you stop contributing energy toward something it ends.


Thank you for reading. I’m going to revisit this many times myself for the little reminders of how I can live life with more ease as my fully embodied Self.

Thanks Panache!

If you want more Panache, I highly recommend his book, which guides you easily through a daily personal journey that everyone could benefit from. It’s that good. It’s also easy to fit into your day, as he provides small bite-sized nuggets of wisdom for morning, noon, and night that you will enjoy making as a highlight in your daily routine. The purpose is to help you discover “…a version of your life that’s beyond your ability to imagine.”

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    • Esther Lue on May 20, 2022 at 6:12 pm
    • Reply

    Thank you, Scott, for your wonderfully written visit with Panache.

    I started Panache’s Call to Calm monologue and meditation early last year. My life has changed for the better.

    I am a truth seeker and l love living at my best and highest self.

    Thank you for your talented and loving gifts.


    Esther Lue

  1. Thank you so much for your kind words Esther, and I’m happy you enjoyed the article. I’ve used what I learned from Panache many times with others to help guide them into more acceptance and embracing their full potential. He is a master at helping others process emotions.

    Be well,

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