Are Vaccines Safe and Should They Be Mandatory?

Are Vaccines Safe?

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Granted the question may be one of the more important ones you need to answer as a parent, or for yourself, yet many probably spend more time actually debating the color of paint for their room.

It’s easy to understand because after all, most people are trained to “just ask your doctor”, most of whom will likely say they are perfectly safe, even though the US Supreme Court determined that they are quote “unavoidably unsafe” when they granted the manufacturers protection from liability.

When you consider how much money and how many reputations are at stake, the monopolizing propaganda put forth by mainstream sources and industry is not surprising, and yet there is a rapidly growing resistance and body of evidence showing a very different story…

“It is the first responsibility of every citizen to question authority.”

~ Benjamin Franklin



ASK YOURSELF: Are you making your decision based on fear, prior beliefs, programming, or your own informed logic and intuition?

It’s hard to know who to trust on this issue. Despite what major media tells you, doctors and researchers DO NOT agree on whether vaccines are safe or effective.

Even the AMA (American Medical Association), despite pushing vaccines are fundamentally opposed to mandatory vaccine programs in America. Learn more here.

Parents obviously just want to do what’s best for their kids. They’re afraid of making a bad choice and of facing ridicule from their peers and even authorities.

Those who do believe in vaccines are unnecessarily fearful that their kids won’t be protected unless everyone lines up to get their shots. Most don’t even consider the further implications of giving up the right of sovereignty over their child’s, or even their own body. They unwittingly advocate giving up the ownership of their body to the State.

What if these same people stopped to actually consider whether the science behind “herd-immunity” was actually true? Some very credible experts say it’s not.


Vaccines Did Not Stop Disease, Better Hygiene and Nutrition Did.


are vaccines safe

Better hygiene and nutrition were the real heroes. Notice the same statistical decline in Scarlet and Typhoid Fevers as the others, even though there was no vaccine introduced.


As the chart above demonstrates, vaccines did not cause the decline of most diseases, it was better hygiene and nutrition that allowed the body’s natural defenses to thrive. This happened long before vaccines were introduced and the same decline happened for diseases in which their has never been a vaccine. Drug companies want to take credit for this decline, but this is for financial reasons, not public health. If “herd immunity” were true, how can you still have outbreaks in areas of China where 100% of the population was vaccinated?


are vaccines safe

Oops, maybe this drug isn’t safe.

I think wisdom tells us not to automatically believe anyone, not doctors, not friends, not parents, not families, or even perceived infallible sites like Wikipedia or WebMD. If we are to choose wisely, we must actually investigate both sides of the debate ourselves.



Did you know for example that many parents raise perfectly healthy babies without ever seeing a pediatrician? Many take their children to a Naturopath or doctors who look holistically at the health of their children and don’t just prescribe drugs. Some of the more effective practitioners will look at the whole body/mind and use nutrition as the primary tool to achieving overall health.

The whole system of Pediatrics for example was created to track, promote, and administer vaccines. You don’t actually need one, they haven’t always existed.


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