Are Vaccines Safe and Should They Be Mandatory?


A red flag goes up for me anytime anyone uses the dismissive word “pseudoscience” (a sign of lazy investigation), or uses the label “conspiracy theorist” for not blindly accepting the opinion of the established authority, in this case, it is the western trained doctors and the medical system whose success depend on the sales of these drugs.

Believe me, it takes a lot more effort to not follow the herd and think for yourself. Besides, there are many doctors and scientists who do Not agree on this issue, I share some below. Many have changed their minds on the safety of vaccines, none of which that I’m aware have gone from anti to pro however… Recognize this type of reaction to dismiss you as a “conspiracy theorist” as an attempt to discredit your intelligence by labeling you something which actually means an “independent thinker” and developing your own informed logic rather than parroting others.

I do find it interesting that even daring to question the validity of the claims made by the drug companies and the doctors who prescribe their drugs immediately gets you dismissed and labeled by proponents as a nut-job. My own brother, whom I have a pretty great relationship with, compared me to a cult member of the infamous Heaven’s Gate or Jonestown group for expressing that people should have the right to decide whether they want themselves or their children to be vaccinated.

I get it, there’s a lot of fear tied up in this topic. I know everyone is making decisions based on the best information they have allowed into their mind. Why is it though that people who want everyone to have forced vaccinations immediately label someone who wants to choose for themselves as either an obvious idiot, or having less credible information by quacks? This is absolutely not the truth. It appears they are in-fact the ones driven by aggressive fear rather than informed logic.

Fundamentally, this debate over mandatory vaccines comes down to one important question: Do you believe that you own your body, or that the State owns your body? It’s really that simple. Also know that if you give up your freedom to make this choice, other freedoms will surely follow…


Drug companies are so powerful that they have influenced the government to protect them against any law suits for harm due to their vaccines. The US Supreme Court labeled vaccines as “unavoidable unsafe” in the 1980s. Congress then passed the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act (which proves that there are in-fact vaccine injuries), to protect the drug companies from litigation and have their consumers actually pay for any future settlements. That’s right, even though you are virtually forced into getting vaccines, you cannot sue those companies who manufacture them if something goes wrong. Who else has this kind of lack of responsibility and carte blanche protection?

What reason then do drug companies have to really care about their product’s safety? Think about that…

There is a special vaccine court called the NVICP, described by parents who have vaccine injured children as a very arduous process, eliminating almost anyone who can’t afford expensive lawyers. The court is secret (outside the standard court system) and records are reportedly sealed from the public. Those lucky enough to survive the process and win are paid by taxpayers, not the drug companies who continue to sell the same vaccine that injured their child. In the court’s March of 2015 quarterly report, there were 117 U.S. cases compensated for injury, 5 resulting in deaths from vaccines, including the flu shot. Remember, no one in America has died from measles in the last 100 years… Watch the excellent documentary BOUGHT for more on this.

are vaccines safe

Paid attacks on those who question


The pro-vaccine information services (funded by drug companies) are PAYING people to verbally attack others who question their safety on social media, to become a “troll” on others’ pages. Why would they need to do this? Remember vaccines are a yearly 46 Billion dollar industry in the US alone. Those who choose sovereignty over their own body risk paid-for attacks from those companies who make billions off of your compliance.

Proponents often avoid logical debate and frequently resort to dismissing anyone who even considers the safety of vaccines as dangerous lunatics. Observe this for yourself…

Just so you know, here’s a short list of very intelligent people who dare to question the safety of vaccines and face ridicule:

For a much longer list of doctors and researchers who are concerned about the safety of vaccines click here.

U.S. Supreme Court Defines Vaccines As “Unavoidably Unsafe”. >>

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