Are Vaccines Safe and Should They Be Mandatory?

 One of the films that gets recommended more than almost any other… The Greater Good.


 What Choice Do You Have?



by Scott Helton

Maybe we should instead focus on empowering our body’s amazingly complex natural defense mechanisms.

Here’s a list of things you can do to boost your body’s excellent natural immunity, and for further study

  • Drastically reduce the amount of sugar you consume, this includes processed flour which gets intermediately converted to sugars in the body. It’s worse than you think for your body’s immune function..
  • Probiotics: Eat at least 1 Tbsp daily of cultured veggies like RAW Kraut or Kimchi, shown to have as much beneficial bacteria of a wider variety than an entire bottle of probiotic pills.
  • Get more Vitamin D especially by sunlight exposure during peak times of the day. If you can’t get enough (5-6,000 iu/day which is roughly 10 minutes full sun exposure without sunscreen) then take a good D3 supplement along with Vitamin K2 (the K2 is important with D3 supplementation).
  • Ginger, Peppers, Lemon, Raw Honey, Onions, and other natural foods are shown to increase immune function.
  • Replace processed foods and GMOs (genetically modified organisms banned in over 27 countries) with better choices.
  • Look into other immune boosting natural supplements like chaga, reishi, cordyceps, (which in contrast are statistically shown to be perfectly safe and trusted effective by many)
  • For powerful natural anti-viral, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, ant-pathogenic solutions, look into things like nanocolloidal silver, nascent iodine, oregano oil, and prunella vulgaris among others (search other health stores as well).
  • Watch the very important documentary BOUGHT or Vaxxed.
  • Watch this great interview with Dr. Suzanne Humphries. Her story about Lester, England which decided to stop vaccinating for smallpox and watched their community’s cases of smallpox actually DROP significantly is very interesting…
  • Did you know many powerful drugs are derived from fungi? Find out more by researching Paul Stamets and medicinal mushrooms for their proven super-immune building function. Watch his amazing TED talk here. Besides being a powerful immune booster, many health experts claim Reishi mushroom to also be one of the safest foods you can introduce your infant to.


Visit Dr. Burton Goldberg’s site to find out about Electrodermal Screening, a method of pretesting to see if you are likely to have a negative reaction before you are injected. He also shares information on how some homeopathic remedies may be even more effective with less side effects when done correctly.

Look into Bentonite clay, zeolites, chlorella, cilantro, and other powerful detoxifiers that will help bind the harmful chemicals and heavy metals to help safely transport them out of the body through your natural elimination pathways..

In Summary

In fact, there are many resources available on how to ensure you have a strong immune system using natural methods, to allow the body to protect and heal itself, which may prove to be far superior and without the dangerous side-effects.

The purpose of and is to provide tools and inspiration so that you feel empowered over your health and wellbeing. Claiming sovereignty over your own being is vital to becoming empowered.

“Health does not come from a needle, it comes from the inside out.”

~ Dr. Sherri J. Tennpenny

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