Catching Up with Regina Meredith – Feb 2015

Catching Up with Regina Meredith – Feb 2015



Regina Meredith is one of the most well-respected researchers and reporters in the alternative news media. Having interviewed a vast array of experts, both famous and unknown for over 10 years, she has her finger on the pulse of what’s happening beyond the limited paradigm fed to us by corporately controlled major media.

Through her shows like Open Minds on GAIA, she provides us special access into the latest discoveries and insights in the fields of Genuine Health, Politics, Science, Economics, Spirituality, and Esoteric Wisdom.

Since she normally interviews others, Catching Up With Regina Meredith is a unique opportunity to get to hear her own wisdom and insights into these important topics, and also what she’s currently working on and thinking about.





In this episode, find out what she knows about:

  • The hidden history and agenda behind the vaccine debate
  • Famous hypnotherapist and speaker Dolores Cannon who past away suddenly last year. Her books coming out and daughter now stepping into her shoes…
  • Her answer to a viewer’s question about how her feelings may, or may not have changed about President Obama…
  • Dave Talbott’s fascinating theory on the electric universe and how our solar system formed much differently and more recently than we’ve been taught…
  • How she always remains optimistic despite the fear and despair in the media…
  • A little about her break-up with her husband this year and how they’ve actually become better friends…
  • Her recent trip to London doing interviews and what’s on her horizon…


If you want to know more about her own valuable perspective, which she doesn’t often get to share, be sure to watch other episodes of Catching Up With Regina.

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You can check out her shows, Open Minds, Healing Matrix, and CMN by clicking on the banner below

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