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Ancient Secrets

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Manifesting & Creating Your Reality

1. Getting Into The Vortex – Abraham Hicks are a top favorite among seekers of deeper wisdom. I’ve been reading and listening to their advice for many years, and continue to use them as a resource for the most profound wisdom and perspective. They just have a knack for bringing a lighter clarity to any …

Scientific Discovery -The Scientific Proof of Unity, Energy Fields, & Us As Infinite Beings

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SuperFoods to Thrive Widgets

Wisdom -New Discovery & Favorite Classics

Yoga Books and DVDs Widgets Yoga: Meditations From The Mat  –  Astonishingly adept at conveying pearls of wisdom into such concise pages, this book walks the reader through Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras in a daily journal format. The author eloquently relates ancient wisdom with his own life experience and those of his yoga students. I often read from this …

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