The New Futuristic Healing Method – Frequency Medicine

Frequency Medicine: The Upgraded Healing Method Has Arrived…

The Life Vessel,  on this episode of the Ripple Effect


By Scott Helton

What is Frequency Medicine? Imagine yourself lying in a bed, immersed in sound and light waves… You may even believe you’ve stepped into a science fiction movie… It’s unlike anything you’ve seen before. It’s not a movie prop though, It’s a futuristic high-tech device that’s been developed to help heal your body of whatever issues you may be experiencing…





The specially designed wave frequencies emitted by this device bring your entire body back into its natural resonant state so that it can perform its job of naturally repairing itself.

There’s some very impressive new technologies coming out that are taking a much more advanced and holistic approach toward healing. You may be thinking it’s just new age snake oil, but there are many doctors and researchers who have become very impressed by the demonstrated results of these new therapies. Some of these initially skeptical doctors have become clients themselves.


On this episode of the Ripple Effect, we met up with Gail Lynn from Life Vessel of the Rockies. If you’re curious about what some of the latest technologies in non-invasive high-tech therapies can do, listen to what she has to say about her numerous clients and even her own experience with “The Life Vessel.”

This device, and it’s inventor Barry McNew, have even been featured on Regina Merideth’s series, Healing Matrix on Gaiam TV .


Have you ever tried a similar device? What are your thoughts about the newer healing technologies coming out?



For more testimonials, videos, and research conducted on The Life Vessel, visit Gail’s website





silver-play-buttonThe Life Vessel with Barry McNew on GaiamTV’s Healing Matrix hosted by Regina Meredith

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Healing Matrix: The Life Vessel with Barry McNew

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