Regina Meredith from GAIA Shares Her Unique Wisdom on “Catching Up With Regina”

Regina Meredith’s video blog series “Catching Up With Regina

Letting her fans know what she’s up to, her view on life and the world, and what fascinating things are currently on her radar.


Why You Should Listen To Regina Meredith From GAIA

Regina Meredith from GAIA network television is a valuable resource of wisdom. Due to her background, cultivated knowledge, and ability to elegantly present challenging information, I featured her in my own book on Amazon titled, The Top 7 Super Visionaries: Pivotal Insights to Transform Your Life

In the book, I shared some of the key insights from some of the most influential luminaries in bringing about a new global paradigm shift in perception, so that we can live the fully-empowered life of our true potential.

One of those 7 Super Visionaries is the wonderful Regina Meredith from GAIA network.


Meeting Regina Meredith

Following continual intuitive nudges and many displays of perfect serendipity, I finally got to actually meet Regina. This was a realization of a powerful dream I had experienced the summer before.

Let me tell you, having coffee with her (tea actually) is exactly how you think it would be… A whirlwind conversation full of all kinds of insights and interesting bits of wisdom from her many years of research and experience in the field of all of life’s biggest mysteries.

It was a thrilling flow of intriguing topics with tempting hooks to follow yet another tangent, all the while trying to be respectful of a very busy woman’s time.

My followup phone calls with her have been equally fascinating…


An Oracle of Wisdom

Regina has sat with some of the world’s most interesting luminaries. Among them, are the key players in the fields of Hidden History, the Latest Health News, Economics, Politics, Secrets and Hidden Agendas, and Esoteric Phenomena.

This obviously gives her a unique vantage point from which to coalesce these insights into a very valuable overarching perspective.

She has shared some of her unique views in her book, Soulo Journey: Life From the Soul’s Perspective. She offers offers a rarely glimpsed rendering of the origins of the human species. The book provides a new understanding of what it is to be a Human-Being, so that the choices we make hopefully change as well.


Sharing Regina’s Insights

Since she is such a wealth of knowledge, I thought it would be valuable to create a platform for her to have a chance to speak about some of the things she can’t, or doesn’t really get time for on her shows, Open Minds and Healing Matrix on Gaiam TV. You too can know what it’s like to hang out with Regina Meredith. Hear her speak about her thoughts and perspective on what’s really going on in the world.


Hear more of her own valuable perspective that she doesn’t often get to share. Watch other episodes of Catching Up With Regina.

regina meredith from gaiam tv

You can check out her shows, Open Minds, Healing Matrix, and CMN by clicking on the banner below

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