You’re Now Being Supported to Let Go of Old Ways and Dream Big, Episode 2 of “Catching Up With Regina Meredith”

Catching Up With Regina video blog, audio podcast logoTime to Let Go of Old Ways of Being and Dream Big!


Join Regina Meredith from GAIA TV and me on this episode of “Catching Up With Regina“.


Regina gives us her take on the intense confrontation of all the areas in our lives and our world that are no longer supported by the new energies. We must let go of the old patterns, beliefs, relationships, and ways of being that are not in resonance with the reality we are desiring to manifest. She shares some of her own personal experiences and relates those to what is happening on a global scale.


If the recent astrological “Grand Cross” was a crazy ride through the full range of emotions, in-your face opportunities to explore your own beliefs and patterns, an apparent time of reckoning all that which no longer serves you, then the wisdom she shares in this episode may help make sense of all of it. For many of us, it now appears as though there is a new wave of much more supportive energy coming in as we awaken even more into our wholeness.


We also discuss some of the audience’s questions about the “Global Currency Reset” that is occurring. No one knows for sure what is happening in background, but it is clear if you pay attention that there are some very interesting events playing out that at first may seem unrelated. Whether the “reset” happens suddenly, or plays out slowly remains to be seen, but that doesn’t stop many from wildly speculating about all kinds of predictions. Regina shares what her high-level sources are predicting, along with her own informed intuition.

Finally, hear about the exciting interviews and projects she has coming up in the near future.


If you want to know more about her own valuable perspective, which she doesn’t often get to share, be sure to watch other episodes of Catching Up With Regina.

Catching Up With Regina video blog, audio podcast logo



Regina has done nearly a thousand intriguing interviews on all sorts of topics, and studied mysticism, secret agendas, hidden history, and esoteric phenomena for decades. Most of these interviews are available on Gaiam TV (like Netflix for Conscious Minds). You can check out their online network for free for 10 days.


You can check out her shows, Open Minds, Healing Matrix, and CMN by clicking on the link below

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You can also check out her book, Soulo Journey: Life From the Soul’s Perspective.


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