Soldiers Put Down Your Arms: You Serve The Mad Men

What is the current world situation telling us?


The Insanity of the Current World Situation is Telling Us We Cannot Wait For Change, It’s Up to Us! We Must Radically Change if We Are to Survive.

Hating an entire country or populous, like being against Israelis or the Palestinians for example but extended to any culture, is short-sighted and senseless. The current world situation is proof of that.

How can we ever stop the ludicrous hatred we have been collectively brain-washed and conditioned to feel?

It may at first seem to be over-simplifying a very complicated issue, but many of us know on an intuitive level that all you need to understand any conflict is to stop ignoring your heart and ask yourself, “What is this situation showing us?”

It’s the ego’s ignorant insistence on believing it is separate and that the world is based on competition that may confuse and get in the way of the underlying wisdom and deeper knowing we all sense.

Don’t feed the hate that the Military Industrial Complex is brainwashing us into fueling. Say, “Enough. No more!”

All this killing and destruction is destroying all of us. It’s absurd in the bigger picture.

Be for what we share. Be for humanity. The rest is delusion in the illusion of separateness.

UNRWA Christopher Gunness breaks down in tears on live TV after attack on UN school in Gaza


For us to create the necessary change being demanded of us, for our survival as the human species, we must stop for a moment to collect our sanity again.

What happened to the part of us, maybe dismissed since childhood that intuitively knew what was naturally right and wrong?

If we are to survive the current world situation and the numerous challenges that face us now, we must stop the insanity being perpetrated by our so-called “leaders”. They are not our leaders, for they no longer represent the genuine will of the people. They and the major media  represent the interests of war machines, and the corporations who financially profit from the suffering of humanity. It’s all a strategic game of control for many of them, and many are acting unconsciously, totally at the will of their puppet masters who have been overcome with greed..


“The pioneers of a war-less world

are the young men (and women) who refuse military service”

– Albert Einstein

(Let that sink in…)


Know as “The Greatest Speech Ever Made”

The world is run primarily by people who have literally gone mad. Observing their actions, it is clear they have lost connection to their sense of humanity and have little, if any compassion left in their hearts.

We must stop their madness, their propaganda for inciting hatred, death, and destruction as if it were somehow justified. We don’t have to listen to them, follow them, obey them anymore. We must accept our sovereignty as conscious, internally governed beings. This is our only chance to survive, to eventually thrive.

How many times have you seen this famous quote on the web or even on the back of a car?

You must be the change you wish to see in the world.” – Mahatma Gandhi

When we really spend some time contemplating Gandhi’s famous quote, we realize it is not just some nice sounding platitude. It is the answer. It starts with us.

Just as the events happening in the world affect us individually, quantum physics and experiments conducted on group intention and remote healing will prove that what we can resolve within ourselves can change the world.


“If there is no enemy within, there will be no enemy without.”

–ancient wisdom teaching



Illuminating Rather Than Eliminating The Shadow

We can’t just ignore the “ugly,” dark side of ourselves, others, or the current world situation. We must face it.

The current version of the conflict underway in Gaza between the Palestinians and the Israelis is horrific. The reason behind the conflict goes back literally to the time of the Egyptian pharaohs. It’s a long, very bloody history lasting many generations, racking up untold numbers of victims. The deeper story is a very complicated one, but for the purposes of this plea it is really not important.

All you need to understand the conflict is to have a heart.

No matter what you think about the conflict, which side you are for, it is obviously not a sporting competition. There really are no winners in any war for the long term health of our species and all life on this planet.

I admit that when I was younger, I often ignored conflicts in far off places, thinking there was not much I could do about it, that I was powerless to change it, and so I thought “why not just focus on something more positive?”

I know now that quantum physics is proving that there is truth to the axioms, “what you focus upon expands”, and “energy flows where attention goes.” There is a deeper recognition within this truth, however. Rather than either ignoring or feeding the fight, shying away from or energizing the hatred, some of the wisest teachers would tell us to fully face the situation, the “shadow side of humanity,” to bring it into more clarity, and eventually our awareness back to the fundamental truth of any situation…

That truth is that we are all One, and there is no action that does not affect the whole. This is a fractal and holographic Universe in which all individual expressions (you) change the entire manifestation of reality. You do this, whenever you consciously resolve conflict within by recognizing the fundamental truth of oneness. This will bring the shadow into the light, the repressed and ignored aspects into wholeness once again.

Every time you become aware of subconscious patterns that have dictated your reaction in the past, there is a moment known by many as a “choice-point” in which you have the opportunity to not simply react, but to respond. You have the opportunity to make a new choice based on the coherence of the feelings in your heart, intuition from your gut, and the wisdom of the greater mind.

What some would call the “genocide” happening in Gaza right now, or any of the numerous atrocities of the past and current world situation, is and are affecting the whole of humanity.

We must learn to face the shadow in order to transcend it. In facing it, we have to learn to see through it, and beyond it. We must find the ultimate fundamental truth behind all of what we see. We are united in that fundamental truth.

The events in the world are our opportunity to bring the emotions that arise from our hearts into greater clarity, to greater understanding. We realize that behind the possible apathy, helplessness, and numbness, there is a deep sadness and anger that needs to be attended to.

In our attention and feeling emotions fully with our whole bodies, not just using the limited intellect, but with the full emotional processing capacities of our entire bodies, we can transcend the story. We can bring the denser stuck emotions through their full natural cycle. We then can experience clarity and integration of those emotions into wholeness.

The anger, the sadness in both our personal lives and in those of the planet can then be seen as serving their part to bring us back to this fundamental awareness of unity.

We can also take inspired action whenever there is opportunity to do so. A great example is ex-Israeli soldier, Eran Efrati. Once a pawn in the war machine, he now shares his story of becoming conscious and aware of the insanity of war. His message goes far beyond just this individual war, but serves as a universal wake-up call for us to become human again. Even with all the indoctrination of his parents, his country, and the military for which he served, his heart eventually overrode them all to let him know what was true.

Compassion is the only answer.

An Israeli soldier speaks


It’s up to us, and the time is now!

current world situation


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