Optimize Your Health With Amazing New Technologies

Optimize Your Health With Amazing New Technologies

The Problem: Mainstream Medicine is Seriously Flawed

There are many powerfully effective health and wellness tools available that you’ll never hear about from mainstream medicine. If you truly want to optimize your health, you need to look outside the establishment.

You already know the problem with the standard medical system. They look for and treat symptoms, while rarely addressing the underlying cause (Cancer, for example, is a symptom). The entire industry thrives on people being sick, not healthy or cured.

According to reports, these western doctors many put so much faith in, are now “the 3rd leading cause of death“!

We know it’s not really the doctors fault in most cases, it’s the system from which they are educated, trained, employed, and paid by.

They are unfortunately bound by the “Standard of Care” established by the Health Care System that is influenced within the highest levels by financial interests of pharmaceutical and medical companies. Even if doctors do know about alternative cures or remedies, they cannot offer those solutions without risking lawsuits, being fired, and losing their license.

There are brave exceptions, and many may have even paid with their life for offering more naturally effective therapies.


The Solution: New Tools and Therapies Designed to Address The Underlying Causes

Alternative Medicine, Holistic Medicine, Integrative Medicine, and Functional Medicine are all preferable methods of treating core issues. They all operate from a much more enlightened model of understanding how the body, mind, and energy systems all work together to create health.

Thankfully, there are also new tools and devices to help diagnose and treat health issues with this more integrated understanding. These tools are designed to help the body heal itself by addressing the conflict in our natural healing and maintenance systems.

This is where my true passion lies, helping people discover these largely unknown methods and remedies.


Meet Glenn Streeter: Exercise Physiologist and Energy Medicine Practitioner

Glenn Streeter – Exercise Physiologist and Energy Medicine Practitioner

Glenn is a rare individual.

He’s deeply tapped into hidden health secrets as much as anyone I’ve met. A perpetual and passionate researcher, he has developed a profound understanding of many subjects. You might call him a renaissance man or a polymath who is also a talented teacher.

Although he works primarily with athletes (even Olympic level), helping them achieve optimal fitness levels by introducing them to tools and concepts they had likely never heard of, he also helps everyday people disenfranchised with traditional health care. 

If you’re one of these individuals, you’ll likely feel much more empowered and hopeful after speaking with him.

We’ve had many conversations, running the gamut of topics, but I wanted to share with you some of what I think you may find the most valuable in your own health quest.

Throughout the interview, he drops a series of tips and nuggets of valuable information as we go through his Overall Health Assessment and his protocol for treatment. There are of course, many other effective therapies of which he speaks about.

Glenn Streeter: EnergyMedFit.com (Tell him Cafe Namaste sent you!)




STEP 1: The HRV (Heart Rate Variability Test)

  • Initial analysis of the autonomic nervous system to establish base level wellness
  • Tool or Device: Intellewave (iPhone App – Fitness Score)




STEP 2: Cutting-Edge Health Diagnosis of Deficiencies and Optimal Therapies

  • 130, 000 variables tested on patient’s hologram
  • Uses 17+ servers around the world
  • Tool or Device: NuVision



STEP 3: PEMF Device: Healing the Autonomic Nervous System and Creating Proper Cell Voltage Throughout The Body

  • Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Field Device
  • Helps bring body back to optimal function so that it can properly heal itself
  • As effective as $20,000+ devices for a fraction of the cost (designed and built in Colorado, USA)
  • Tool or Device: Pulsed Harmonix TruePulse A2000 (Get Your $50 Coupon)


STEP 4: Confirmation of Effectiveness of Treatment Using HRV

  • Follow-up HRV test to assess how well the treatments have worked
  • Tool or Device: Intellewave (iPhone App- Fitness Score)



Cold Laser Therapy

  • Pain Relief and Tissue Regeneration
  • Generates cellular ATP production, demonstrated to increase blood flow and lymphatic drainage (part of the healing process).
  • Tool or Device: Recommended: LZR 7 Class IV Laser, or home use model



Worlds Best Water

  • 80% of your body is water, so it makes sense that 80% of your healthcare should be water
  • We often discuss largely unknown powerful qualities of water, especially spring water, on VitalVibeSource.com
  • Tool or Device: Uncle Charlie’s Water



The Full Interview with Glenn Streeter: (If you prefer to watch the entire interview in full)

Optimize Your Health With Amazing New Technologies


Thanks for Watching!



    • Judy Anderson on July 27, 2019 at 1:54 pm
    • Reply

    Scott, I listened to an interview by Robert Phoenix yesterday with Glenn Streeter and thoroughly enjoyed it. Within that interview, I believe it was Robert who mentioned your site and your experience and interview with Glenn, so I went looking. I really enjoyed your interaction and thank you immensely for sharing it. I have no idea when this was, but it’s certainly timely and appears to be kmoew wonderful tools for healing.

    1. Thanks Judy! Glenn is a wealth of knowledge. Met him in Boulder about 6 years ago, and interviewed him about a year later. I turned my friend Regina Meredith onto him as well, so she interviewed him on Gaia. Been watching her interviews with Robert Phoenix for years, so I’m happy to hear he watched my videos. Thanks for sharing!

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