Wim Hof: This Jedi Yogi Is Proving We Can All Be Super Human

be super human

Having personally broken over 28 World-Records, Wim Hof shows us that we can all be super human . How to experience ultimate health and happiness without drugs.

This guy is “The Shit,” the real life Obi-Wan Kenobi. If you haven’t heard of Wim Hof yet, this is not your average cool guy performing amazing feats and appearing to be super human. Incredible athletes are easy to find.

Wim is unique, not because of his many world-records, but because of how he is lovingly trashing the “rules” of conventional science about human potential in-order to wake us up.

The “Experts” Are Wrong

We have been trained to believe conventional science has the answers about what is possible for us and our bodies.

Science does not know the definitive answers, because that assumes we know everything there is to know, and what we know is absolute.

The problem is that the scientific community, posing as real scientific inquiry has been largely co-opted by large businesses, universities, and those who have built their careers upon ideas that are just not true. Real science investigates for new understanding, willing to let go of outdated ideas.

Modern science has become a sort of religion with many false fixed beliefs, focused on defending those beliefs.

Wim Hof is changing that, proving that we are not helpless victims, but have much more control over our health, strength, and happiness than most anyone realizes. Once we let the false assumptions go, we can be super human.

Convincing All The Skeptics

Arguably, few alive today can so convincingly demonstrate that only our beliefs limit us, and that we can create ultimate health, strength, and happiness without drugs, anywhere, and under any circumstances. This is true self-empowerment in its most raw form.

By his powerful belief in his own abilities and his students’ abilities to do the same, Wim literally heals people with his mind and conviction, making them better physical and mentally. More importantly, he teaches them how to do it themselves.

Despite his proven abilities, he’s refreshingly open-hearted and altruistic. “We should all heal each other,” he says.

Wim reminds us often that he is not uniquely super human, we all are. We all have these abilities; we have just been operating under false assumptions.

Thanks to men like Wim Hof, affectionately called “The Iceman” children and adults alike will grow up with a different core belief, which will change how they will see and operate in the world. This will open up previously unbelievable possibilities for all of humanity.

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