Wim Hof: This Jedi Yogi Is Proving We Can All Be Super Human

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The Answer, the Method is SIMPLE.

Wim teaches people that they can regain control of their systems by breathing, using a little cold exposure, and also using their mind and belief to know they can. We are actually able to control the previously unconscious regulation of the body. We are perfectly able to maintain health, strength, and happiness, he says.


A Simple Outline For You To Practice

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Want to Activate Your “3rd Eye”?

DMT (dimethyltryptamine) also known as the “spirit molecule” is naturally produced in the pineal gland in small amounts. The Pineal gland has rods and cones similar to your eyes, and is believed to be the actual “third eye,” where intuition, imagination, and epiphanies are said to originate in the brain.

DMT is the same primary psycho-active component to Ayahuasca, the mystical elixir brew the South American shamans have used for thousands of years to produce powerful multi-dimensional experiences, life-changing insights, and transformation of all kinds of mental disorders in their patients.

Through the breathing techniques, you are able to bring more blood flow to the more primitive areas of the brain like the hypothalamus, pituitary, and pineal glands. You also raise the pH of the cells by bringing more oxygen from increased blood flow.

You can then consciously manipulate the breath while taking in air deep down, compress the abdomen, then the electrical neurological ganglia of the spinal column pushes the energy up to the chest area, then contract the chest and it goes up to the neck, then the brain. [This could also be closely related to the stimulation of the vagus nerve].

You will feel that you are in the middle of your brain. This activates and stimulates the pituitary and pineal glands deeply and DMT is released.

Congratulations, your third eye is now open and ready for multi-dimensional exploration.

Anybody can be superhuman and learn to do this, he assures.

Creating Ultimate Health and Happiness Without Drugs

No Need For Pills or External Circumstances

When you can better control the endocrine system, you can turn on the hormone regulation to create the feelings of happiness. This is done by your mastery of your body, rather than an unconscious response to external circumstance.

Wim and researchers studying his methods believe that his simple breathing technique can alleviate most depression. He says that most depression is caused by depriving our body’s primal systems of blood and thereby oxygen.

We live with so much comfort nowadays that the neo-cortex (newer, outer brain) dominates and takes a huge percentage of the blood, oxygen, and energy flow. The deeper parts of the brain get starved and the body gets weaker.

The more we are insulated from Nature, the more we are thinking all the time.

Logic tells us that the older, animal parts of the brain stem and limbic system need equal share of blood and oxygen (carried by the blood) to make all the systems work effectively. If these areas are not getting fed by blood, oxygen, and energy, the pH level is also affected (it becomes acidic), and we don’t have as much control over them.

More Powerful Implications

Learning to be super human affects every part and aspect of your life. It gives you a sense of control that is beyond words or description, regaining access to the deeper layers of your physiology at will. You can create health, strength, and happiness without drugs anywhere under any circumstances.

As you activate and bring more of yourself online, hidden aspects of yourself and your experience that your subconscious mind has suppressed may emerge because they are there.

“Do not force, it’s there… No violence to the body, just go into it and gradually go deeper into your system.” Nature brings you the right teachers. Learn to follow the intelligence of the heart and the gut.

Wim’s Personal Message to All of Us.

The quintessence of Wim’s message is, “We gotta change the way we think, our beliefs, like a paradigm shift. The new world is a world of harmony and we will do this together. “

He says he’s not afraid to die, he’s afraid of not living fully. Just watching Wim for a few minutes, you absolutely get that he enjoys life!

His goal is to help conquer ignorance about health, strength, and happiness, as well as our ability to master them by trusting Nature. By sharing these ideas he says, we are helping make this paradigm shift possible. This goes beyond religion to what’s true of everyone and helps spread the love and the light.

“I wanna bring back love in the world. Love is compelled by happiness, strength, and health. If you radiate good energy because you’re healthy, happy, and strong…that’s love. So love is my mission.”

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Try the Wim Hof Method regularly at home to create ultimate health and happiness. We’d love to hear your comments about how it’s worked for you.

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