Wim Hof: This Jedi Yogi Is Proving We Can All Be Super Human

Wim Hof’s Story – Page 2

“The Iceman” Has a Warm Heart and Jedi Mind

Wim Hof was born in the Netherlands on April 20, 1959.

At age 17, he discovered after reading many hundreds of books that the answer to understanding ourselves, and our potential is not in the head, it’s in the body and the brain together. He says that being immersed in cold water triggered this connection for him.

“You can’t hide from the mountain or the cold. Nature is much stronger and it will break you if you resist. You have to learn to let go, and then things can happen in the body naturally, and allow you to manipulate the body. Nature is merciless, but righteous.”

Tragically, in 1995 his wife committed suicide, leaving him to care for their 4 children alone. He laments that he could only find peace within his own emotional depth, trusting that he would find it deep within himself. He looked to Nature, climbing free-solo (without gear), braving extreme cold conditions, and this finally brought the internal silence he was yearning for.

The media started noticing his amazing feats and brought more attention. Soon people began asking what else he could do, and so he accepted many new challenges, and proved even more to be superhuman.

He has now been featured in countless documentaries and interviews. Famous athletes, stars, and health experts all over the world have begun using his method and adopting his empowering perspective.

A Few of His Mind Blowing Feats

  • In 2007, he climbed up to the “death zone” on Mt. Everest wearing nothing but shorts.
  • Without any training or even running a mile prior, he ran a ½ marathon, mid-winter in Finland. He did this braving the -30 degree Celsius (-22 Fahrenheit) cold, barefoot, wearing only shorts… Yes, barefoot, in shorts.
  • “Can you do it in heat as well?” someone challenged. He ran another ½ marathon in the Namibian desert barefoot and without water to show that the same could be done in heat, even though he had no prior training in the heat. Despite losing over 5 liters of water of perspiration, his core body temperature remained the same.
  • Wim holds the current Guinness World Record for being submerged in ice, 1 hour 53 minutes and 12 seconds.
  • Another world record was set when he hung by one finger at an altitude of 2000 meters (talk about fearless).
  • Surviving a close call with death, he set the world-record for the longest distance swam under the ice while holding his breath. On the practice run, he missed the exit hole on a practice run due to the retinas in his eyes literally freezing (he wasn’t wearing goggles). The safety diver finally pulled him out, but he also claims he completely lost his fear of death from surviving the experience.

He also led a team of others with all kinds of health issues (some over 65 years old) to prove to themselves that they could do things like run marathons, and even climb Kilimanjaro despite cold temperatures and low oxygen.

The deep breathing exercises allowed their cells to get more oxygen, to create more energy, to help maintain their heat despite the elements. There’s also the important aspect of mastering the mind.

Wim Hof teaches us how to master our body and mind for ultimate health and happiness.

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