Wim Hof: This Jedi Yogi Is Proving We Can All Be Super Human

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Wim’s mission was born in 2007 at the Feinstein Institute of New York (a biological institute). Following several tests of his abilities and reading his blood analysis, Dr. Kenneth Kamler told Wim that if he could teach others to do what he does, it would mean a huge shift in understanding and incredibly positive consequences for mankind.

The University that did the research had a device to measure oxygen saturation levels up to the accepted 100% level. Wim and his team were able to prove that what the machine claims is 100% oxygen saturation is false, because it is only based on what we think our body’s limits are. His team tested at levels much further up the scale, to 150% or more.

After doing extended deep breathing to saturate their bodies with oxygen to these higher levels, he and his student then began to hold their breath. After a minute and a half, the scale on the device started dropping down to 30% and the device shut down, even though they went much lower. Wim says, at 40% the body normally begins to die.

The primitive brain stem is naturally reactive to such conditions. It wakes up when it feels the body is in danger. In this case though, the pH (alkalinity level) of the students’ bodies were very high because of the deep breathing. So, nothing damaging was actually happening to the brain or body. The primitive brain however, automatically stimulates ‘survival mode” and adrenaline goes through the roof. If you do this often enough, it begins to re-establish neural pathways from the cerebral cortex (thinking brain) to the primitive brain.

If you don’t breathe deep enough, especially during strenuous exercise, you will exhaust the oxygen reserves in the tissue and you become acidic, and unable to perform.

The key point here is that we are able to store more oxygen, but we have to go beyond our normal conditioned breathing patterns, which is too shallow. You have to breathe MORE than you feel is needed.

When the cells are better oxygenated, they produce more energy.

These SuperHuman Jedi Skills Can Be Taught

Wim took a group of 26 novice climbers to Kilimanjaro to prove these skills can be taught quickly and effectively. Some had cancer, some had various auto-immune diseases, M.S., chron’s disease, and others. The oldest participant was 65 and previously had quadruple bi-pass surgery on his heart.

Wim told the press that he was going to lead them up the mountain in 3 days wearing only shorts, and no oxygen devices. The skeptics were adamant that this was impossible and that some of these people would surely die on the journey. The group made it in 2 days (46 hours).

In Jan of 2015, he repeated the task with another group in 31 hrs. The oldest this time was 76, and ironically was the one Wim was sure would be fine. It was the youngsters who posed more of a concern he said, because their mind is not yet in connection with their body.

Video of Wim Hof “The Iceman”

Weight Loss and Upgrading Our Energy

Through focusing the mind and deeper breathing, Wim proves that we are able to increase the mitochondrial energy output by 300%. The technique stimulates the efficient drawing upon white fat in the body for fuel (ketosis), and also increases the healthy brown fat. Not only does this increase our strength and energy, but possibly provides a much more effective tool for weight-loss.

Another important benefit is that you are also able to detox, say from a hangover, with 20 minutes of this deep breathing. This is a good thing to remember if you have one of “those kind” of mornings.

How About Improving Your Sex Life?

After ejaculation for example, you can do the breathing and be ready much sooner for another round. You also increase sensitivity both in your body and toward your partner.

Mastering Your Immune System

Perhaps most impressive, is how we can significantly improve our immune system and ability to heal. Normally, our immune system activates more slowly over a period of a couple of weeks while it figures out the appropriate immune response to kill any intruder, but Wim demonstrates that we can do it within half an hour through deep breathing, which significantly raises our pH level, and then directing our attention with a focused mind.

“Through thinking with a focused mind, you influence your cellular activity.”

Through a comparative study done by The University of Rattbaud in Holland, Wim has shown by taking other novice participants and training them all in 4 days how to breathe effectively, and withstand icy cold temperatures, that they could also consciously tap into the autonomic nervous system that is related to the immune system and influence it. Never mind that this is believed to be impossible.

Wim and his novice students were injected with an endotoxin and were able to consciously control their immune systems to thwart live bacteria and viruses injected into their blood streams.

Harvard University is now on board to study Wim’s method and prove that everyone can heal themselves, and that we are beings who are naturally strong, healthy, and happy.

Wim uses universities to study him so that there is no speculation, just hard data, statistics, and solid proof that we are much more powerful than we think.

Since he was able to validate and prove to them, under clinical laboratory settings, that he could replicate these same “amazing” human feats, he has created a great starting point for these researchers to develop further evidence based methods to help sick people to heal and even cure themselves much faster.

Creating a New Scientific Paradigm

Finally, it is now proven without any speculation, “ Wim says. Once people saw that his methods and ideas were being scientifically validated, then they began coming to him in droves. He feels though that unfortunately, “Science is as fast to catch up as a slow turtle.”

He doesn’t want anyone to suffer anymore from lack of health or happiness. “We are changing science itself, because it needs to be updated. We are capable of doing so much more than we think, and it’s time we bring this out.”

His goal is to rewrite the science books, to break the limitations imposed by old beliefs about what is truly possible for us, “…that we can tackle distractions like disease, unhappiness, and lack of energy and instead experience real love on all levels.”

“It just FEELS GOOD!”

~Wim Hof

be superhuman

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